Statement for the press of President of the Azerbaijan Republic Heydar Aliyev upon completion of the Casablanca Summit - December 15, 1994

I have spoken as regards the Summit conclusions on behalf of Asian states. I think it is a sign of attention and respect shown to the Azerbaijan Republic and our people. I appreciate it. I am very pleased to have been given such an opportunity to speak on behalf of Asian states…

Very important and serious resolutions have been adopted here, including related to Azerbaijan: first - on condemnation of aggression by Armenia against Azerbaijan, second - on rendering economic and humanitarian aid to our republic by OIC and its member-states connected with hard situation arisen in Azerbaijan and third - the summarized declaration, which has a detailed part devoted to the Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan. This part reflects the damage caused to Azerbaijan by this aggression, which took people`s lives away and destroyed our territories. It at the same time advances a demand of implicit withdrawal of all the Armenian troops from Azerbaijani lands. Besides, it includes the issues of liberation of our Shusha and Lachin regions. All this is of great significance for us.

A quantity of resolutions related to Islamic world and connected with hot spots was adopted at this Summit. The conclusive resolution is also very broad and includes many sections. All the issues have been estimated there. Therefore, I have no doubt that it will arouse an echo in the world and influence the world policy to a certain extent.

After completion of the Summit, I had a meeting with king of Morocco Hassan II. We talked about the Summit results and bilateral links between Azerbaijan and Morocco. King Hassan II invited me to pay an official visit to Morocco. He mentioned he whished this visit to take place after the end of Ramazan month. He stated that this visit is essential for the development of links between Azerbaijan and Morocco. There are many problems to be discussed. I have accepted this invitation with pleasure and said I would certainly avail myself of this proposal.

At the same time, I have invited the king of Morocco to pay an official visit to Azerbaijan. I stated his acquaintance with Azerbaijan would help the solution of problems in the Islamic world. He also accepted my invitation with satisfaction and said he would certainly try to visit Azerbaijan having accepted my invitation.