Congratulatory letter of Resident of the Azerbaijan Republic Heydar Aliyev to Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Conference, His Excellency, Hamid al Gabid - 7 September, 1995

Honorable Mr. Secretary-General!

My dear brother Hamid al Gabid!

I sincerely congratulate You and the General secretariat of headed by You the Organization of Islamic Conference with the 25-year jubilee of this organization to be held 11 September, 1995 and wish success in Your activity.

The humane actions carried out by the Organization of Islamic Conference for the sake of present and future of Moslem world can be the sample for all the authoritative organizations existing in the world. The fact that the world community has recognized this organization since the day of its foundation as an authoritative organization and highly appreciated its merits displayed in the name of protection of peace and tranquility all over the world is not accidental.

I hope that saturated activity of this organization full of the experience gained within the long years will henceforth serve to even greater improvement of well-being of Moslem world, solidarity of Moslem people, their happy future and achievement of peace in the world.

Dear brother!

You know what hard days the Azerbaijan people suffered as a result of armenian aggression. I express You my gratitude for moral support rendered to the Azerbaijan people by the Organization of Islamic Conference headed by You.

Taking an opportunity, I wish You and the Organization of Islamic Conference success, strong health and happiness on behalf of the Azerbaijan people and my own.

Yours sincerely,

Heydar Aliyev,

President of the Azerbaijan Republic.