From the conversation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev with Ito Shunro vice-president of the Japanese company “Nichimen”- Tokyo, the residence of President of Azerbaijan, February 24, 1998

Dear Mr. Shunro,

I cordially greet you and other delegations of your company and convey my respect and esteem to you. I express my gratitude to you for considering my first official visit to Japan historical and saying that this visit will be a new stage in development of the Japanese-Azerbaijani cooperation.

I am aware of the close relations established between the Aerbaijani State Chemical Company and the company “Nichimen” of the allocation of soft loans in the amount of 75 million USD dollars by the Japanese Export-Import Bank for financing the project for recovering the EP-300 construction in the Ethylene-Polyethylene factory in Sumqayit according to the signed agreement of making use of all the opportunities for successfully implementation of this project by the company “Nichimen” and of the information you provided about new proposals of the company on expanding the cooperation with Azerbaijan.

I mention it once more that I am pleased of the relations established between “Nichimen” and Azerbaijan.

Mr. Shunro, I remember our meeting in Baku and the negotiations we held with pleasure. I know that “Nichimen” has good experience in the field of energetics. I approve the proposal on the exploitation of the wind power station made by this company for establishing the ties in this sphere as well. I express my gratitude to you for your views. I believe that it is necessary to found a group of bilateral experts for the investigation of the projects on strengthening the cooperation between Azerbaijan and “Nichimen” more. Our republic pays a special attention and care for strengthening the relations with “Nichimen”.