Statement of the Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev for the journalists at Bina airport of Baku before his departure to Lisbon for participation at the Summit of heads of states and governments of the OSCE member countries - November 30, 1996

We are leaving for the meeting in Lisbon. This meeting is connected not only with us. The Lisbon meeting is of heads of member states of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. The questions related to security and cooperation in Europe and also problems of universal value will be discussed there. Undoubtedly, each state, each country aspires to show efforts for the settlement of the general problems and problems connected with its country, state and region.

We want security, calmness, peace in Europe. At the same time, we want steps to be made for the resolution of our problem, that is, the resolution of the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict in the name of an establishment of peace, calmness in the Caucasus. In this direction we have done great work, I have repeatedly spoken about it. The Lisbon meeting is not a court to make kind of a judgment. No. An attitude will simply be expressed there on some questions of principle. Our purpose consists in opening new opportunities for the peace settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict in Lisbon documents. That is our objective, but not to win a victory over anyone, or convict anyone. Our position is known. We have carried out sufficient work within the Minsk group, then in Helsinki, and recently in Vienna. Our representatives have been working in Lisbon for some days.

The main principle of the OSCE i. e. the territorial integrity of each country, the sovereignty, inviolability of borders in regard to Azerbaijan is not recognized by Armenia till now. Our purpose is to get the attitude to be notified opinion on this question. I have addressed to all the heads of the OSCE member countries, sent them letters, and many of them have replied to these letters. Everyone supports it, but when they get together, there should be a consensus. What will happen, we shall see.

Anyway, I consider that every such meeting confirms the peaceful disposition of Azerbaijan as a country and promotes elimination of the negative opinion which had been developed about Azerbaijan in the world from the beginning of the conflict and makes a good opportunity in the formation of a positive opinion. This is our achievement. I also highly estimate the period from Budapest up to Lisbon.