The speech of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic Heydar Aliyev at grand meeting dedicated to 82nd anniversary of Frontier troops. August 18, 2001

Dear frontier guards!

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

I heartily congratulate you with professional holiday of frontier troops, with 82nd anniversary of Frontier troops, and wish to frontier guards of Azerbaijan successful fulfillment of honorable task facing them.

Border, territorial integrity are attributes, which make base of state independence of each country. It is not accidentally that inviolability of territorial integrity, inviolability of frontiers of each country is regarded as of paramount importance among conditions in interstate relations, generally, in defining the independence of state in conformity with principles of the UNO.

There is popular saying that the Motherland begins from frontier. It is a true. Therefore the frontier is very dear for each independent state, it is important field and obviously, every body who guards borders, is worth of respect of our people, our nation.

It could be said that during last centuries at first time Azerbaijan Democratic Republic adopted a resolution on guarding of frontiers of independent Azerbaijan on August 18, 1919. It has a great historical importance. At the same time it says about great attention paid by Democratic Republic on defining of statehood attributes even in very hard conditions.

Unfortunately, the Frontier troops set up then could not demonstrate its service in guarding borders of independent state. Because just after eight months Azerbaijan Democratic Republic overthrown. But this resolution was served as a start of traditions related to frontier guarding, Frontier troops.

Later during the Soviet rule, frontiers of Azerbaijan were part of the USSR frontiers. Borders of Azerbaijan in southern part with Iran and Turkey were guarded by the USSR Frontier troops.

Irrespective of structure, system in which Azerbaijan lived, it had collected an experience, knowledge, almost in all spheres of life, it had been developing in XX century. But due to the fact that Azerbaijan was not independent state, Azerbaijani people could not master professions, there was no such tradition. But Azerbaijani people achieved development of his country in XX century, his motherland in the field of science, culture, education, industry, agriculture, briefly in all fields of life; it was in very high level at the moment of gaining state independence.

However Azerbaijani people were deprived of it in military sphere, i.e. in defense field, in Armed forces field, including sphere of service of Frontier troops. The USSR had the unified foreign policy in the field of foreign policy as well. The USSR had unified Armed forces. The USSR had unified Frontier troops.

Therefore while gaining the state independence, as I have noted, Azerbaijan having had a great experience, knowledge, traditions in all fields of life, had no experience in the field of Armed forces (except our interior law enforcing bodies), in the field of foreign policy. If to look our history, you may see that a small number of representatives of Azerbaijani people, a very small of his part served in armed forces, in Frontier troops during the existence of the USSR, could get higher ranks. The same could be said about foreign policy system of the USSR, where was no outstanding, skilled Azerbaijani diplomat.

I want to tell that after gaining the state independence Azerbaijan had possessed a big base. But there were neither base, nor traditions and no experience in said fields. Therefore these fields are to be built again. Truly at that time, particularly during the WW-II, before it and after it some representatives of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijanis served in Armed forces of the USSR, had achieved high ranks, the rank of general. During the WW-II Azerbaijanis contributed in fight against German fascism, had demonstrated the examples of heroism, had been awarded with high awards, high ranks after war too. But they were few in number. As far as Frontier troops concerned, i.e. officer and general staff (I mean commanding structure), Azerbaijanis were fewer there. Truly, at that time about 70 thousands young people from Azerbaijan had been mobilized annually to Armed forces of the USSR. Some part of them was sent to border troops as well. But after completing the term of service they had been demobilized and returned back. Naturally, after serving two or three years, one can not become a professional military man or professional frontier guard.

I remember all of these. As working in Azerbaijan in state security bodies during long period and later being the head of Azerbaijan I was eye-witness of that. But it always had been disturbing, tormenting me as Azerbaijani. Having made its contribution to common issues of the USSR and even more than it had to make, Azerbaijanis could not get high ranks, high positions in military service, in Frontier troops. That time I looked for and sometimes found somewhere, in army or in Frontier troops some Azerbaijani, holding the position of commander, having an officer ranking, I tried to contact them, to take care of them irrespective of their whereabouts.

Such people served on borders of Azerbaijan. But they were in very smallest number. I can count them by fingers. Possibly I do not remember all of them. But they were in very small number. I do not know whether Nasirov is here or not? Here.

I remember he served very long time in Border troops forces. But despite long term service he could get neither honorable position nor rank. I even remember that once the Commander of Border Troops of Southern Caucasia general Matrosov came to me. I told to him that it was necessary to promote in border troops Azerbaijanis, to use them as well. What aim did I have? The aim was that our Azerbaijani could master this profession too, do not stay away of it. Because it is needed to every nation. Every nation should have its own experienced people in all fields. I had been trying for that. When I told to him about that he replied me that they had few men (and he spelled the name of Nasirov, if I tell about it he would not be offended), they had lost in weight, grew thin. Therefore probably we would send him to resignation after some time. I told to him that it was not correct, it shouldn`t be like that. He was not fat man from beginning like others. Doctors even say that it is rather good now.

But while meeting with commandment of Border troops, with Chairman of KGB (State Security Service) Andropov not just here, in Moscow too I always asked these questions. First time we could get forming of the operative group of Border troops in the Southern Caucasus. We appointed Nasirov as commandment there and so he could get a rank of general there.

For instance, at once commandment and general headquarter of Frontier troops were located in Azerbaijan, in its territory. Their place of disposition was present Hotel "Janub (Southern)". But Azerbaijanis were either few among them or not a single even.

That time I had been visiting border squads, border posts, commandant`s offices, met with them and had speeches in front of them. But my eyes were always looking for Azerbaijanis among those who gathered in hall.

Truly speaking, I could not ask border posts` commanders about it. Because it might be incorrect. He might wrongly understand me. But my eyes were looking for them. This is the way that we passed. This is the way that we all military forces, i.e. everything in the system of Ministry of Defense, as well as in system of Border troops passed. Therefore despite we had big personnel potential in spheres of science, education, healthcare, industry, agriculture, however in the military sphere we hadn`t just basic, but even small personnel potential.

Here commander of Border troops of the Azerbaijan Elchin Guliyev having a speech noted that by establishing at proper time professional school named after Jamshid Nakhchivansky we set up conditions for involving of Azerbaijanis in military service. I had told once about what pressure was put on me from Moscow after establishing of this school. As it was indeed non-ordinary case in the system of the USSR. First of all, there was no such specialized secondary school elsewhere. Secondly, all these works were under monopoly of Ministry of Defense. No republic could establish such school. But I had put this initiative, established it and overcame all difficulties. Few times commission had visited us from Moscow. They wanted to suspend implementation of decisions made by me. But I prevented it. Now having talk with Elchin Guliyev, I found out that he also got educated from Nakhchivansky school and later studied in Baku Higher Combined Arms School. This is a vivid confirmation of works done by me in 1970-s for the sake of Azerbaijani people.

But there was not it only. Majority of representatives of our army commanding personnel, of Ministry of Defense is graduates of the school named after Nakhchivansky and they get educated in various higher military schools of the USSR. Besides that we had been sending Azerbaijani youth to about 45-46 military schools of the USSR (those were people who from the point of view of physical training and with own knowledge could study there); we managed to get privileged admission conditions for them. All these were necessary for us for today and they became useful.

However despite this I am noting once again that we had no such tradition. It was good that we thought about future at that time and could do it. Now we use it.

Establishment of Armed forces in Azerbaijan, i.e. Ministry of Defense and border troops had been carried out as it could be said, in an empty place. And this caused certain difficulties.

From other hand if to take into account that during gaining an independence Azerbaijan was in a war with armed forces of Armenia, and that Armenian Armed forces occupied some part of Azerbaijan and social-political stability inside of Azerbaijan was broken, now you may imagine that in what hard conditions our Armed forces including Frontier troops begun to be formed.

Shortage of cadres and lack of experience, absence of interior social-political stability in Azerbaijan, discords among various armed groups, struggle for power, all these facts had been preventing the organization of this work on required level. And sometimes it violated and even more, destroyed the matter which we had to do.

During recent years, especially after establishment of social-political stability in Azerbaijan, strengthening of statehood, liquidation of illegal armed groups, we begun to steadily organize our Military Forces, Frontier troops too. I state today with great pleasure that we have already established Frontier troops and they guard Azerbaijani borders. I hope they will do it in future with more resolution.

Today the task which facing the Frontier troops of Azerbaijan is more harder than those which were faced by Frontier troops of the USSR, located in the territory of Azerbaijan during Soviet era. Because first, border was smaller than today. At that time there were borders of the USSR with Iran and Turkey, and no other borders.

What strength was attracted on border with such extension? I know all of these. I used to visit all frontier detachments. 41st frontier detachment was located in Nakhchivan, 42nd unfortunately in Hadrut (I will tell some words about it), 43rd frontier detachment in Prishib, (now this place is called as Geytepe), 44th frontier detachment in Lankaran, 127th separate naval team in Baku. But now the border was extended. More borders were added now to previous borders, which were guarded during the USSR. First, this is biggest border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Despite this border is broken now, but it will be restored and frontier guards will face then biggest tasks. Now this border is broken and guarding of those parts of land and as whole defense of Azerbaijan against Armenian occupation is done by Ministry of Defense, Armed Forces. Due to occupation of our lands by Armenian military troops, due to occupation of some regions along with the Araz river, about 125-130 kms of border with Iran is under their control. But borders with Russia, Georgia were added to previous borders. Therefore tasks of Frontier troops of Azerbaijan had increased and they will increase in future as well, and therefore their responsibilities also had increased.

I named frontier detachments existed during the USSR. Maybe many people didn`t pay attention on it. As usual frontier detachments were located in locations near to border. For example 41st frontier detachment in Nakhchivan located just in distance of 10 km from border. I want to remind that they were accommodated in barracks, remained from the past, from czar time. Then, when the commander was Nasirov, I was asked to allot special means from budget. A big building was built there for headquarter of frontier detachment. Present frontier detachment in Nakhchivan is located there. But that was not single one. We used to help Frontier troops to build posts, commandment`s offices on account of Azerbaijan in other places too. 42nd frontier detachment as a rule had to be located in the territory of Fuzuli region. But it was moved away from border for some reasons and deployed in Hadrut region. There is a big distance from Hadrut region to border. Now you think, why? Maybe there was fewer people thought about it at due time, but now it should be understood by all. Why? Because following factors had importance in policy of the USSR at that time, like, for instance all buildings were built in Azerbaijan in order to make them closest to areas resided by Armenians. This detachment was called Hadrut frontier detachment. Why Hadrut? Because that was a policy of that time.

So, borders of Azerbaijan had increased few times. Therefore Azerbaijan being an independent state considers guarding of borders as a special task, and therefore further development of Frontier troops in Azerbaijan is most important for us.

Talking today with you I noted about staff potential. But one of the problems which causes difficulties in activity of our frontier troops is that some people had destroyed reliable engineering-technical installations and means in borders with Iran in 1989-90-s, which were built during the Soviet Union. At that time some people was living with such mood as if the destruction of border was done for uniting with some body, with some place. But I know what money spent for building of just one kilometer of border engineering-automatic device. These barbed wires were built in few rows. While touching it (they all were under voltage) the signal was sent to control room. I remember since then that there were cases when for example fox or hair or some other animal accidentally touched the wire. Immediately the alarming signal was given and it became known in which section of border it happened. There was a remote controller. Border guards begun to look for trespasser but not always found it.

They though that the trespasser was crossed and went already. But the control zone made it able to define whose these traces were, of man or of animal. So, they found if man or animal crossed here. That zone was so foolproof.

I still remember once the border was broken in Bilasuvar. It was said that there was exact information about trespasser crossed from the Irani side. Enough forces were attracted there, because his was not already there, on border. I also went there. If frontier guards were responsible for frontier sector, the next part was under control of local security bodies. It was informed that he had already crossed though the border detachment. We were looked for him few days. At last we found him dead. He felt down in ravine and died.

You know I recall all these facts today because that time the USSR was surely guarding its borders and big means were allotted for that. Secondly, I want to remind that to serve in frontier detachment, to be frontier guard is very hard and difficult. The fact of destruction of engineering-technical installations during 1989-90, just during few days, brings today damage to our independent state.

Elchin Guliyev informed that they were restoring these wires in some sections. Is it true?

Elchin Guliyev: Yes, we have restored 300 kms.

Heydar Aliyev: 300 kms. But have you the system of control used that time?

Elchin Guliyev: No.

Heydar Aliyev: Not. So, you are restoring these wires just for prevention of border trespassing. Am I right?

Elchin Guliyev: Yes.

Heydar Aliyev: But if man crossed having cut these wires, then you will not know where he crossed. But that time it was quiet sufficient just to touch it and it became known.

The fact that those adventures, foolish people destroyed during the chaos in Azerbaijan those engineering-technical installations brings us big damage in guarding of borders. If these installations were available now, of course, if we were even unable to restore then system (now they say that 300 kms. of barbed wire were built in section), if just those wires were remained now, we could be able to carry out the guarding of border more successfully. While recalling this entire story, the path of formation, organization and development traversed by frontier guards, I once again want to note that the independent Azerbaijan faced with big difficulties while establishing its Frontier troops. However today on the eve of 10th anniversary of our state independence, celebrating it, we may say that we had done enough in field of border guarding. We have trustworthy officer staff, relievable soldiers. They will guard vigorously borders of Azerbaijan, of independent Azerbaijan.

Toady is a holiday. Let the impression do not be formed neither in frontier guards, nor in Ministry of National Security, nor in our public as if we could manage everything. No, we couldn`t. First of all, because in many cases our capabilities are limited. And secondly, unfortunately, some people being at service in Frontier troops, misuse their position and grow on criminal path, create conditions for people engaged in smuggling, conclude deals with them, collaborate and assist them. And so they earn illegal income. There are enough of such examples. Such facts are happened both on Border checkpoint (where frontier guards together with customs staff provide passport checking) and as well as in other border sectors. You know it well. We had discussed it. I do not want to focus on that. But all such cases are happened. This fact worries us. For example, those two soldiers became martyrs while guarding the border and on your recommendation I issued the Decree on their awarding with the medal of "For Courage". Such examples are available too. But unfortunately they are few. I do not want our soldiers become martyrs. But I want our soldiers, officers vigorously guard the borders of Azerbaijan, fulfill their duties. Then they will be able to prevent most of border violations of Azerbaijan. But in case of any incident happens under any circumstances, they will be martyrs for the sake of their people, their own Motherland. There is no Motherland without martyrs; there is no nation, no people without martyrs. Therefore you should draw a conclusion from positive assessment of your activity, so you be able to eliminate serious shortages in your activity.

The order prevailing in our Frontier troops for recent years aimed for fulfillment of faced task, give hopes to me that despite their small number, forces, lack of means, they had done already a big job. But this is just beginning. More is to be done yet.

You know, border guarding is related to provision of state independence. It is necessary to prevent border trespassing by spies, saboteurs, as well as facts related to carrying out espionage, sabotages in our country. There are plenty of such facts in Ministry of National Security. That is their activity was suppressed (they were caught either on border or unfortunately after passing the border) and they were exposed while carrying out their activity, while implementing instructions of special services agencies of their countries, and they were called to account. But I can say that all spies were caught or exposed. Both Ministry of National Security and Frontier troops have to do a lot of job in this direction.

The problem of international terrorism became extremely actual for recent times for the entire world and as well as for us. The struggle with international terrorism has a global nature. It disturbs all of us, both European and other countries.

International terrorism is carried out first of all by hand of terrorists, trespassed the borders. They managed to trespass through control checkpoints, or by violating the border sector.

One of the dangerous threats is a religious extremism. We see, we observe that for recent years it strikes destructively not only in Azerbaijan but in south of the Europe and even to its northern part. We have to carry out serious struggle with religious extremism, fanaticism. The Constitution of Azerbaijan granted to each citizen the right of liberty of consciousness. But granting of right is not just all. Azerbaijani state provides guarantees for that. Each person irrespective of religion, nationality has an opportunity to implement his liberty of consciousness. Many religious structures were created, mosques were built, and many other works were done for it. But we can`t allow that under pretence of religion using fanaticism provocations are created, that our people, particularly youths are involved in such dangerous and horrific issues. As such facts are a strike on our people and our statehood. We have to prevent all of it.

Recently production of narcotics and its trafficking through different borders into the European and other countries were activated. Azerbaijan does not make exclusion. Our law enforcing bodies could detain and expose many people having engaged in drug sale in Azerbaijan. Frontier guards could stop cases of trafficking of narcotics across by means of smuggling or through check posts. However it does not mean that we could entirely organize struggle with this evil. Not even. It harms the health of people from one side. And from other hand production of narcotics and its illegal trafficking into various countries and its sale is a source of income of international terrorist organizations. Therefore we have to study this matter thoroughly. Its both sides are dangerous for us.

First of all, we should protect the health of our nation, and secondly, prevent inclination to use of these narcotics, especially by youths. Unfortunately, such trends exist and they had grown for recent times. From other hand it is necessary to stop trafficking of drugs by various means into Azerbaijan and its trafficking from Azerbaijan further to other countries, for fighting with international terrorism. Therefore our frontier troops, national security and law enforcing bodies face great task in this field. I appreciate all works done. However today I have to recognize existence of shortages, mistakes. I think you will make conclusions from it.

To fulfill all these tasks it is necessary that every soldier, every officer, every commander in Armed forces, including in Frontier troops is to be devoted to own independent country, own Motherland, nation, statehood of Azerbaijan. The duty of officers, commanders is consisted of first, that themselves to realize and demonstrate this devotion. And secondly, all they are to be guided by these matters while educating and training young soldiers and could achieve it.

Devotion to nation, state, statehood is quite broad conception. Somebody considers the absence of it as direct treason to the state. Naturally, treason has more danger. But at the same time devotion to Motherland, nation is consisted in availability of high morality in each person. If a man has no high morality, progressive traditions, national spiritual values, mentality of Azerbaijani people, then I consider that he is not fully devoted to Motherland, nation. Therefore it is necessary that in all our armed forces including Frontier troops, a paramount importance to be given to this matter. Ideological work is to be carried out everywhere. Education and training is to be conducted everywhere. However this work is to be carried out more actively in Military forces. i.e. in the Army, in Frontier troops.

As Armed forces, law-enforcing bodies, Frontier troops and Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan are guarantors of statehood, independence, and existing social-political stability in Azerbaijan. You should know it and conceive it as important task.

Armed forces should be politically educated, trained. It means that they should know well the Constitution, laws of Azerbaijan. They should know what statehood of Azerbaijan is consisted of, what is the importance of state independence of Azerbaijan for its present and future of our nation, our people, and what importance does the defense and further strengthening of existing social and political stability. Therefore ideological work is to be built around these matters.

Naturally, our Armed forces, having possessed with big political potentials, can not join to this or other political movement. Therefore it is necessary to prevent intrusion of people belonging to separate parties or various political forces into Armed forces, to conduct sabotages by them. We rely on you; believe on you and I hope that you always will justify this trust.

We noted today that Azerbaijan celebrating 10th anniversary of its state independence, analyzes the history of these ten years too. Unfortunately, I repeatedly had told about it, however do not consider it extra to say in front of you again that Azerbaijan had met with an aggression of Armenia and military forces of Armenia occupied part of the territory of Azerbaijan during gaining of state independence. Its reason from one hand was that the responsible persons did not take necessary actions for defense of Azerbaijani lands. And from other hand military forces of Armenia using the absence of social-political stability in Azerbaijan, very easily occupied the big part of our lands, not meeting with resistance from our side.

Therefore we reap the bitter fruits of that period. From now breakage of social-political stability in Azerbaijan is not allowable. Azerbaijan was in fire in 1993. 8 years had passed since then. Such events, unfortunately, are forgotten quickly. Some part of our youths probably does not remember even it well. As, the young man of 18 years old was of 10 years old then. Maybe he even did not understand what was going on. However, unfortunately, it is forgotten by elders as well, they think that all these had passed. They do not understand that due to its geographic strategic location, the independence policy carried out by it, possession of huge natural resources, all possible provocative actions against Azerbaijan will be carried out always from various places. Therefore social political stability, healthy environment, unity of nation in Azerbaijan are main conditions for prevention all these difficulties.

We have mighty Army. Today we have well-organized Frontier troops. We have law enforcing bodies, organs of national security, which had gained the required level. But it does not mean at all that we should be contented with it and having not prevented all provocations directed against Azerbaijan from various places, an intention of those who again try to break social political stability inside of country to achieve their aims or to remain indifferent to it. Unfortunately, some people show such indifference.

All provisions of Constitution were implemented in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is legal based, democratic state and is developed on this path. Our country joined the Council of Europe (CE). Reforms are carried out in all spheres in Azerbaijan. Reforms carried out in economy already gave its positive results. Economy of our republic stepped on development stage. Welfare of people is being improved daily and will be improved further. That is Azerbaijan consecutively follows and will follow this path. But there are such people who want to hinder it. Some people try to break social political stability by provoking certain strata.

More than one million IDP-s and refugees live in Azerbaijan. There is no such situation elsewhere in the world. Humanitarian aid is reduced. Therefore two days ago I`ve issued a Decree on monthly allotment of 906 million manats to forced IDP-s, with the aim to provide compensation of suspended humanitarian aid, that people may further get food stuff which they were getting previously. In few days I will take some other steps as well. But despite it some forces try to break social political stability in Azerbaijan disguised under democracy, using round the clock their newspapers or carrying out provocative activity in some regions of the republic. It will not be admitted. Never! I think that the might of Azerbaijani state is consisted of that during passed 8 years it justified all nation trust and will justify it further.

These forces spread the rumors, fables everywhere that the power will be changed in autumn. Somebody invented the "X" day, as if they will come to power on that day. Nobody hinders this or other party, force to come to power. But it should be done by democratic way, by way of elections. But could people who give speeches in newspapers appeal people to non-obedience, acting against state, be considered as democrats? They are provocateurs, criminals. What "X" day, what autumn, all this is nonsense. This is also one of ways, methods of provocation. So, they want to create such impression in some people, to make them confused. But they will not succeed. I always recall the saying that "hungry hen dreams of millet". They resemble with this hungry hen.

Recently I had read in some newspaper the sayings of one opposition representative that as if Azerbaijan has strongest opposition in whole post Soviet area. Nobody can judge beforehand about which opposition is stronger and which is weaker. Some people consider that they are cleverest, strongest in the world. These words remind me just the same. I can say just that there is most immoral opposition in Azerbaijan in whole post Soviet area.

Opposition naturally is part of democracy. There is no democracy without opposition. But distortion and break of democracy, creation of various impressions in people is immoral. For those who want to come to power, let them to wait till 2003. There will be presidential election in 2003. But they should now that they will have to be collided with me, with Heydar Aliyev.

I am very glad to meet today with frontier troops, with personnel of Ministry of National Security and Azerbaijani statesmen presented here again. I always feel pride entering this building, not just because I used to work in this system for a long time and I consider these years as my best years of life. My knowledge, my experience and other qualities (I do not want now to tell about myself) all these features that helped me to overcome all difficulties of life and reach my today, were accumulated during those years. But I am proud that I was then an initiator of construction, completion of such beautiful building. Not just an initiator, I allotted means for that, controlled the construction. Today I see how it is beautiful here. But I don`t know if people worked previously here is presented today, I see Yusifzade, others. In which building we worked? Previously, probably, it was a building of some shipping company or else. And we worked in that building. Where such hall may be built from?

Do you remember Ziya? You should also remember that how we fenced off part of corridor and made it as hall. Truly speaking then our organs had very beautiful palace, club named after Dzerhjinsky. Now it is named after Shahriyar. It was also built by security organs at that time. Our main events were carried out there. But the building in which we worked was in useless condition.

Therefore, I thought in 70-s that at last the time came to build the new building for our organization, for important organ. I had studied the project of building, we`d allotted necessary funds, and the construction had begun and at last we had built it. I am very glad. Because, please, try to understand me right, this is also one of my creations. But not just for it. I am glad, because our Ministry of National Security which engaged in very important, hard work, have good conditions for fulfillment of its duties.

I believe that state independence of Azerbaijan will be eternal. I believe that since now Azerbaijan will improve, develop all its institutions, all organs as an independent state and will be capable to do all to protect and provide interests of Azerbaijani people, our nation in all spheres.

Again I am referring to Frontier troops. They are in vanguard. Frontier guards are in vanguard in peaceful conditions among of all kinds of armed forces. I believe that the peace will be set up here, our occupied lands will be liberated, and refugees will go back to native places. Borders of Azerbaijan will be restored, its territorial integrity will be provided. Therefore our frontier troops should be ready for future days.

Azerbaijani soldier, officer, each person being in service in Armed forces of Azerbaijan should always live, work with sense of devotion to own nation, Motherland, soil, state, own people. I believe that all staff of Frontier troops of Azerbaijan, soldiers, officers, and generals will demonstrate examples of courage, gallantry, heroism, and high professionalism, and will be examples in Armed forces of Azerbaijan.

Once again I congratulate all of you. I convey my greetings to soldiers, guarding our borders. I want to express my confidence that Frontier troops, each frontier guard will justify the trust rendered on him by Azerbaijani state. Thanks.