Speech by Heydar Aliyev, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan at the meeting with James ‎Pate, the President of "Pennzoil" Company - Houston, Winham Warwick Hotel, August 2, 1997‎

Dear Mr. Pate!

I want to express my gratitude to you for your kind words about success of the first official visit to the United States of America, and especially success of meetings and negotiations held in White House. I would like to remind that meetings and negotiations, held with President Bill Clinton, were very successful and some important documents in the domain of political-economic security, including a very important statement on US-Azerbaijan partnership, were signed. We signed a few documents in White House. However, the most important document is the Joint Statement on the development of US-Azerbaijan relations, signed by President Bill Clinton and me. I brought leaders of some US oil companies to the White House and we signed new oil contracts there. They have not been there so far. Before meeting you, I have met the President of "Chevron" company. He said me that he has never been in White House so far. You brought me there for the first time.

Being very satisfied with the relationships existing between Azerbaijan and "Pennzoil" company I say: "Pennzoil one of the first foreign companies has come in Azerbaijan. I appreciate highly the services of Pennzoil in construction of gas-compressor station and increase of gas production in our country".

Pennzoil has its share in the "Contract of Century". Your company plays major role in the realization of the contract on the joint exploration of "Garabagh" oil field. I am aware of your valuable work for representation and propaganda of interests of Azerbaijan in the United States of America. I have this information. I think that we must continue our cooperation. Therefore, you should speed up works in the "Garabagh" oil field. Because we have signed this contract in November, 1995.

I am very pleased with your proposals connected with tightening of relationships between "Pennzoil" and Azerbaijan and I give appropriate orders to the leadership of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic.

I have met General Scowcroft yesterday whom I know very well. I am very pleased with the hospitality I saw here during my first official visit to the USA and I would like to say: I feel this hospitality everywhere. Especially, I appreciate the care, attention and hospitality of President Bill Clinton.

I thank the leadership of "Pennzoil" company for their activity in the field of abrogation of amendment to the 907th Section of "Freedom Support Act" and I would like to inform you that I had large discussions on this issue during my meetings with General Scowcroft and other well-known political figures of the United States of America at Blair House residence.

I held a conference on the abrogation of the amendment to the 907th Section of Freedom Support Act during my meeting with the US President Bill Clinton. During the meeting held in White House Mr. Clinton declared that he will do his best for abrogation of this amendment, and this is indicated in the document that we signed.

I held more than 40 meetings at the parliament. I have met Congressmen, Senators, House International Relations Committee Chairman Mr. Gilman and Speaker of the House of Representatives Mr. Gingrich. You may know that Congressman King presented a very good project on abrogation of amendment to the 907th section of Freedom Support Act. In Congress, I was promised that they will do their best for the solution of this problem till September. I think that owing to all that, as well as our joint efforts we will achieve this task.

Mr. Pate, I ask you to extend my best regards to Mr. Scowcroft, senator Baker and Mr. Brown, I invite them to visit Azerbaijan.

I would like to inform you that I have received the letter of former US President Bush about his intention to meet me; I would like to meet him as well. I note that this meeting didn't take place because of remoteness of his residence. My visit to Houston was very important. I though that Mr. Bush would be here and I would be able to meet him. But it did not happen. Extend my best regards to him and say him that I invite him to visit Azerbaijan. If he comes, we will meet there. If not, I will meet him in my next visit to the United States.

It is with a great pleasure that I accept your proposal on visit of Mr.Bush and General

Scowcroft to Baku on board of "Pennzoil"-owned plane.