Speech of the Azerbaijan President Heydar Aliyev at the meeting with Harl Norving, the president of the company "Statoil" - Stavanger, April 25, 1996

Dear mister Harl Norving!

I thank you cordially for the nice words, told to address of Azerbaijan Republic, represented by me and personally to me. It is very pleasant to note that when Azerbaijan gained independence "Statoil" was one of the first companies, arrived in our country to work and we highly appreciate it. I want to thank the company "Statoil" for participation in signing of "the Contract of a century", and I am sure that this company will strengthen relations with our country as well as in other spheres and will make more efforts for attraction of foreign investors in our republic.

The further enhancing of the Azerbaijani-Norwegian relations is of great importance for both parties. Especially, application of the most advanced techniques and technology, which are used by "Statoil", in our republic, is very important. It would be better, if "Statoil" renders close assistance to our young independent republic in all spheres, gives much attention to wide propagation of Azerbaijan`s rights in the issues connected with the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict and makes more efforts to reach a fair position of Azerbaijan up to the world community.

We would like the company "Statoil" to take part in joint development of other deposits in the Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian Sea as well. Once again I declare that we want to strengthen relations with each company putting the investments into Azerbaijan and our country has many opportunities for expansion of cooperation.

Besides, I thank to the companies "Statoil" and "British Petroleum" for their desire to present to our republic laboratory and I express my gratitude to them.