Speech of Heydar Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan, in the 1000th anniversary of the epos of Manas - Bishkek, August 28, 1995

Mr. President Askar Akayev!

Dear Kyrgyz sisters and brothers!

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends!

I sincerely congratulate you, the Kyrgyz people on the great holiday - the 1000th anniversary of the epos of Manas on behalf of the Azerbaijani people. I wish you, the Kyrgyz people and the Republic of Kyrgyzstan happiness and successes.

The 1000th anniversary of the epos of Manas demonstrates the great history of the Kyrgyz people to the world once again. The brotherlly Kyrgyz people is moving along the road founded by Manas. This road has been lightened by the wise words of Manas for centuries. Manas is a symbol of wisdom, heroism, courage of the Kyrgyz people. Manas demonstrates the world that the Kyrgyz people is patriotic, courageous, adherent to the customs and lover of freedom. Manas is a great cultural and moral property not only of the Kyrgyz people, but of the world civilization, mankind, of the Turkic nations and the Islamic world as well. Manas is also a cultural and spiritual property of the Azerbaijani people, too. Manas is the ancestor of our nations.

The phrases and thoughts from Manas are widely spread in Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani poets, musicians sing, agitate and spread Manas. Manas has been translated into Azerbaijani. Our performers sing the words of Manas or play them in saz with great pleasure. Today Manaschi Mehriban khanum who is among the Azerbaijani delegation will demonstrate how Manas is loved and spread in our country.

The language of Manas is our common language. Our nations have the same roots. However, through centuries some differences emerged in our languages. We understand and feel each other cordially, but sometimes we can`t understand some words because of those differences. Today I began my speech in Azerbaijani. But I want my words to be understood by all the citizens of Kyrgyzstan. Thus, I want to speak in Russian, too.

Dear Kyrgyz brothers and sisters, dear friends! We have come to the holy Kyrgyz land with brotherly feelings in order to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of the epos of Manas. Manas is the pride and demonstration of the national dignity, wisdom and heroism of the Kyrgyz people. Despite many difficulties and troubles, the Kyrgyz people could maintain the words of Mans for one thousand years, and reached freedom and independence on the way showed by Manas.

Manas founded a mighty Kyrgyz state one thousand years ago. Now the Kyrgyz people is independent again; it has its own state. In such conditions the 1000th anniversary of the epos of Manas is celebrated worldwide, in Kyrgyzstan and other countries.

Yesterday we took part in the opening ceremony of the monument of "Manas" with a great pleasure. Everything created and to be created with hands, wisdom and ability of the Kyrgyz nation reflects the heritage of Manas left to the Kyrgyz nation and the world. It is especially gladdening that we are celebrating the holiday while the Kyrgyz nation has its independence and statehood. In two days, it will be 4 years since the independence of Kyrgyzstan. Dear friends, I sincerely congratulate you on the historical achievements and the national holiday; I am sure you will move forward on the way left by Manas, strengthen the national independence and statehood, and realize his recommendations.

The Kyrgyz and Azerbaijani nations are connected with the ties of friendship emerged from our common roots, history, traditions, language, religion and other features through centuries. We highly appreciate our friendship with the Kyrgyz nation. We friendly observe the processes ongoing in Kyrgyzstan after it achieved its independence. Yesterday and today we witnessed the changes happened and still happening in Kyrgyzstan. All these changes demonstrate that the will of Manas is implemented into life. It is related to the great works of the Kyrgyz nation to strengthen its independence and sovereignty. Our great friend, President of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan Askar Akayev has a lot of contributions in it, too.

Like Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan gained its independence four years ago; it is moving forward on the road of progress creating an independent and democratic state. We think that independence is the biggest historical achievement for all the nations, including the Kyrgyz and Azerbaijani nations. Because of this we can participate here as the representatives of the independent states, deliver our kind feelings to our Kyrgyz brothers, and demonstrate our solidarity with them.

I want to say that we highly appreciate our state independence; we want to strengthen and develop the independence, and we`ll never yield it. We`ll strengthen our friendship with all the nations, including Kyrgyzstan. Dear friends, here I assure you that we`ll strengthen the friendship between the Azerbaijani and Kyrgyz nations, develop our relations in many fields, including economy, science, humanitarian field. We`ll help each other and move forward chosen by great Manas.

Dear brothers and sisters! Dear Kyrgyz friends! I congratulate you sincerely on this holiday. I convey to you the best wishes of the Azerbaijani people. I embrace and kiss you on behalf of the Azerbaijani people. I wish you happiness and successes.

Thank you!

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