Speech of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev at the joint meeting with Romanian President Ion Iliesku held with the residents of Fuzuli, Aghdam, Zangilan and Khojaly temporarily settled in the hostel of the technical college 10, - March 28, 1996

As you know, it is already two days that the President of Romania, my friend, Mr. Ion Iliescu, is in Azerbaijan with an official visit. His visit comes to an end and our guest returns his home. After the negotiations, the contacts and acquaintance with the city, in order to see closely the difficult situation of our country, our guest wanted to meet the Azerbaijani citizens, driven out from the territories occupied by the Armenian armed forces. I gave him detailed information that 20 per cent of our territories have been occupied. Over one million Azerbaijani citizens have been expelled from their homes in the occupied territories. Their houses have been ravaged. Our exiled citizens live in different regions of Azerbaijan. Most of them live in Baku. But our current situation does not give us the opportunity to create the necessary conditions of life for each of them. That is why, you live in such a difficult situation. I told our guest about it. And today I have come to you together with our guest. As you know, your situation is very sorrowful for the Azerbaijani people, and personally for me, as the President and it is our biggest problem. We deal with these problems, try to resolve the conflict peacefully and liberate our lands. We try to withdraw the Armenian armed forces from the occupied territories by peacefully, so that you return your home. We have given detailed information to our guest and to the representatives of the Romanian delegation who have come with him, and we have asked asked him to make efforts, to use his reputation and capabilities in international organizations to liberate the Azerbaijani lands from the occupation of the Armenian armed forces, to resolve the conflict peacefully. Mr. President Ion Iliescu has recently got acquainted with these issues. I want to express my confidence that after meeting with you, seeing the grave situation of over a million people in Azerbaijan like you, undoubtedly he will not remain indifferent and declare his position in international organizations more clearly and sharply, for settling the conflict, liberation of the occupied lands and completion of the just struggle of the Azerbaijani people. There are friendly relations between Romania and Azerbaijan. We signed several agreements and contracts yesterday. President Iliescu and I signed an agreement on friendly relations and cooperation between Romania and Azerbaijan. I want to express the hope that after these meetings and signed agreements, the Azerbaijani-Romanian relations will develop more rapidly and all this will help both the Azerbaijani and Romanian people to pass this difficult transition period successfully. Another reason why this cooperation is dear to us and important is that we need the help of the world in the resolution of this issue. Therefore it is extremely important and necessary to us to make each country know about such a difficult situation of Azerbaijan, take part in the peaceful settlement of the conflict.

Dear brothers and sisters, I heartily welcome you. I want you to know that our people and I grieve for you every day, every minute. I know it well that it is difficult that so many families and people live in this hostel. I have said many times and I tell you once more: a rainy day will not last long. God and justice will not leave you and our country to live in such a situation. With the will of our people, our government and our country, we will not allow our country, our people, including the people driven out from their homes, live in such a situation. Undoubtedly, we will overcome this situation. Undoubtedly, we will liberate our occupied territories. Undoubtedly, we will achieve the withdrawal of the Armenian armed forces from the occupied territories. Undoubtedly, we will ensure the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. Undoubtedly, we will achieve the integrity of our borders. We will achieve all this. Independent Azerbaijan will become the owner of its entire territory. Independent Azerbaijan will be the owner of its fate. We have great potentials. We will use all these potentials. We will bring them into motion, by using the natural resources of independent Azerbaijan, our people will overcome this situation and join a happy, abundant life. I am sure of it. We live with hope, you also have to live with these expectations. We will achieve this. I am waiting for patience, courage and endurance from you. I hope that we will resolve all these problems peacefully, with our patience, will, strength and hope for the future. If peaceful means fail, then we use all other means to resolve these issues. Our occupied territories will be released and you will return home. The territorial integrity of independent Azerbaijan will be restored. I wish you all health and patience. I wish you all a happy future. Good bye!

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