Congratulation of the Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev to the Azerbaijani people on the occasion of Ramadan Holiday - Baku, January 29, 1998

In the name of God, most compassionate!

Dear sisters and brothers!

I congratulate you cordially on the occasion of Ramadan Holiday, one of the greatest holidays of the Moslems of the world.

The Azerbaijani nation, who has always been faithful to their history, national and religious traditions, freely celebrates this dear holiday in their independent state. The Moslems who have executed their duty in the days of the of blessed month of Ramadan, sending down to the people by the holy Koran, today celebrate the holiday, express the feelings of love and respect to each other, they pray in memory of their relatives, martyrs, who had left the life. On this holiday there is an optimistic mood in the society, which originates from the feeling of trust in God, faithfulness to the native country, land and nation.

In these days we are united with the same wishes and hopes: let our freedom and independence gained on the account of many victims be staunched, let the territorial integrity and sovereignty of native Azerbaijan be restored and guaranteed completely, let our fellow countrymen, refugees and IDPs, return to their native lands and benefit from blessings of God. Let peace and stability reign in the country and our people get happy and luxurious live as they deserve it! I call each of you to demonstrate close unity and persistence in the name of this holy idea, and I want to express confidence that with the help of God and persistence of our nation our wishes will become true.

On the occasion of Ramadan Holiday I wish you health, happiness, successes at work in the name of freedom and progress of the native land.

I congratulate you on the occasion of This Holiday!

President of the Azerbaijani Republic Heydar Aliyev