To Baku State University named after Mammedemin Rasulzade - Baku, December 28, 1999

Distinguished professors!

Dear students!

I congratulate you, all education staff in our country on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of Baku State University - the first university of our republic.

The opening of Baku State University was a significant historical event in the process of mass enlightenment, literacy of the Azerbaijani people, which began in the early 20th century. Establishment of the first university in Azerbaijan at the initiative of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was inevitable historical process of that time.

During its 80-year activity Baku State University has had a strong impact on all spheres of life in Azerbaijan, and has rendered invaluable services to our people. In fact the history of the university is the history of development of the Azerbaijani education and culture. University has played a crucial role in the development of higher education in our Republic. The existence of dozens of unioversities, the possession of the Republic of Azerbaijan with great potential of higher education, was realized thanks to the activity of Baku State University.

Baku State University has had a powerful impact on the development of Azerbaijani science. Since its establishment it has become a Scientific Research Center in Azerbaijan. Most of the institutions functioning under the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan are more or less connected with Baku State University.

Most of patriotic intellectuals who work hard for the development and prosperity of Azerbaijan are graduates of this University. During its 80-year history University endowed our Republic with many prominent scientific, cultural and literary personalities. It is noteworthy that in all periods of its activity, along with being a temple of science and education, Baku State University played a role of the center, which made a worthy contribution to the development of the Azerbaijani language, national consciousness and patriotic spirit. I always have a deep sense of gratitude and respect while appreciating the work of those people who laid the foundation and gave impetus to the development of Baku State University.

I am sure that you will continue the tradition of generations, who did their best for the development of our country and the progress of our nation, and you will not regret for all your efforts to educate national personnel, who will serve to preserve and strengthen the independence and national statehood of Azerbaijan.
In these momentous days, I wish great success, health and happiness to all of you - students, teachers, and all graduates of the University and the education staff of our Republic.

Heydar Aliyev

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan