Speech of the President of Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev in front of the people gathered in the place of diversion committed at Baku Metro Station - On 3 July, 1994

Today there was an explosion in Baku metro. It was between the station "28 May'' and ''Genclik''. Undoubtedly, it has been done by the enemies of our nation and government. I appointed a special commission to investigate this accident.

There are a lot of problems in our country. As we know Azerbaijan is in the state of war. But there are subversive forces inside our country, too. Undoubtedly, this commission will clarify all the details. For that I don't want to disclose my opinion on it in advance.

In any case, this sabotage was specially arranged, and is a crime against the Azerbaijani nation. I know that all our patriots will condemn this offence and its organizers.

I sure you that those who committed it will be found. (Sounds from the crowd: this is hostility, enmity)

Yes, you are right. If anyone has a problem with some one, they must solve it personally. But explosion in the subway is a crime. Because the offenders know that the subway is an underground transport line. Five carriages in each train. As a result of the explosion in one train other ones have also damaged.

This accident is obviously a barbarism. Undoubtedly, at home and abroad there are hostile forces against the sovereignty of Azerbaijan. But all of them should know that nobody can shake the sovereignty of Azerbaijan, its policy by such subversive acts. We shall cope with them.

I came here to see the place of the accident. As you have gathered here, I declare it clearly in front of you. I express my condolences to the families of the dead, God bless their souls. You must be more patient! I wish patience to my nation, for struggle with such enemies.

This crime has been committed either by one of us, or by one sent by one of our enemies. Undoubtedly, respective organs must investigate this explosion carefully. But our nation must be vigilant. On March, 19 this explosion happened, people died. The subway restored it work again. But the criminals have not yet been revealed. That is one more explosion. Who committed these crimes? They are either our citizens, or enemies living here. Then intent to violate our stability.

Undoubtedly, it makes us angry, enrages us. Today I assembled the representatives of the law enforcement bodies. I had serious talks with them on the past crime. I strictly charged them to investigate in detailed and find the criminals. But our citizens also must know their duties. The hostile elements must be discovered inside the country. I suppose that the criminal came here by someone's help. If the mediator is an Azerbaijanis, then he is a traitor. But if he is a foreigner, then surely he has contact in our country. Otherwise, he can't come, live and enter to the subway. One person can't carry this explosive and place it in the carriage.

This is diversion against our people, crime against the whole country and a great treason. Therefore I order the members of law-enforcement bodies to investigate this incident seriously. At the same time, I appeal to the Azerbaijan citizens to fill their duties. We should reveal the persons that intent to shake our country's stability, make our people suffer. There are such criminals among us too.

I express my condolence to the families of the dead. God bless them.

I wish patience to their relatives. I assure all the Azerbaijanis that we'll do their best to reveal and punish the criminals. But we must be more watchful. It is the duty of the Azerbaijani citizens to protect their country not only from the Armenian aggressors, but also from diversions. Thus, I appeal you, too.

Translated from the newspaper ''Azerbaijan'', on July 4, 1994