Historical background to the document "Speech of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev while decorating the famous singer and composer M. Magomayev with the order of “Istiglal” (Independence) (September 6, 2002)"

The activity of the famous opera singer, and composer Muslum Maqomaev won the sympathy and love of the millions of the people all over the world as a symbol of the whole history of Azerbaijan. The Song and Symphony Orchestra of the Azerbaijani State, established and led by Muslum Magomaev, had an important role in protecting the rich music traditions of the Azerbaijani people and in the worthy development of them. At various musicals M.Magomaev managed to popularize his songs as a theatre actor. One of his best songs “Azerbaijan”, composed to Nabi Khazri’s poem, became very popular. M. Magomayev brought classic arias and songs to modern music in the USSR .

That’s why, M.Magomaev was awarded with the title of the People’s Artist of the USSR when he was thirty-first years old. His successes in the development of the folk music of Azerbaijan were highly appreciated and he was awarded with the highest orders of Azerbaijan - “Glory” and “Independence”.

“90 Instants of the Great leader”, Heydar Aliyev Heritage research center, “Sharq-Qarb”, Baku-2013, p.221