From the talk of President of the Azerbaijan Republic Heydar Aliyev with ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Azerbaijan Salim Rashid Salim Al-Agrubi while receiving his credentials - February 19, 1999

Salim Rashid Salim Al-Agrubi: Mr. President, I am very pleased that the contacts between our countries develop and expand day after day. I want to inform you that our country is a supporter of peaceful solution of conflicts.

Mr. President, I will make all efforts in the name of further development of cooperation between the United Arab Emirates and Azerbaijan. I am confident that the Azerbaijan state and government will render all-round assistance to my activity here.

Mr. President, I wish you sound health, success in your work, progress and development to brotherly Azerbaijan nation and prosperous future to your country under Your wise leadership.

Heydar Aliyev: The relations between the United Arab Emirates and Azerbaijan have been established within the latest years and develop headily. We are the supporters of further expansion and development of these contacts. From our part, we have advanced some initiatives and try to implement them.

The United Arab Emirates take a special position among the states close to us, the Arab states and their economic development has become a model for other states. The latest sweeping economic development of the United Arab Emirates pleases us. We wish even greater progress to the United Arab Emirates as a friendly and brotherly country.

Emir of the United Arab Emirates, esteemed Zahid bin Sultan has been heading your country many long years. Your country has great merits before the whole Arab world. I highly appreciate the meeting and negotiations I had with my esteemed friend sheikh Zahid bin Sultan at the Summit meeting of Organization of Islamic Conference in 1994 in Morocco, as well as friendly and brotherly relations established between us afterwards. I ask to send my regards and best wishes to my esteemed friend sheikh Zahid bin Sultan.

You will be provided with all the required activity conditions as the ambassador of our country to Azerbaijan. Our state and government bodies are ready to render assistance in all the matters. We want to develop our relations with the United Arab Emirates in economy and other spheres still more. As an ambassador of your country you can do much for it. I wish You success in your forthcoming work. I wish happiness, prosperity, peace and order to the people, citizens and state of the United States Emirates.

…I ask to send my kind regards to my friend and brother sheikh Zahid bin Sultan.

The "Azerbaijan" newspaper, February 20, 1999

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