From the conversation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev at the meeting with Miyuhara Kinji, president of "Sumitomo" company - Tokyo, residence of the President of Azerbaijan, February 25, 1998

Mr. Kinji,

I cordially greet you and other members of the company present in this meeting. I am happy and grateful to you for appreciating my official visit to Japan as a historical event.

I emphasize my pleasure and cordially thank you for your kind words about our country, about your cooperation with our Republic in the 1970-80s and in recent years, in particular, for your suggestions on the modernization of Baku plant of air conditioners. This factory was built and put into exploitation in 1970, and its equipment was provided by the Japanese company "Toshiba". Today there is a great need for modernization of this plant, and I appreciate your suggestion. Most of the products of this plant were exported to various countries then. Now, to resume the work of this plant it is very important to modernize it. Therefore, your proposals are very useful, and it is important to discuss them in detail.

I appreciate the commitment of "Sumitomo" to take part in the reconstruction of communication systems, and infrastructure in Baku, in creation of communication lines based on the most modern technology, in building the gas-vapor power station "Shimal", in the reconstruction of Nakhchivan airport, I welcome your suggestions. I hope that the good relations existing between Japan and the Republic of Azerbaijan, and which is rich in natural resources, and which has chosen to the road of market economy relations and emphasizes the continuous strengthening of relations with the world community will lead to further expansion of our cooperation. I wish you success in your useful activities.