Congratulation of by the Azerbaijan President Heydar Aliyev to the Orthodox Christians of Azerbaijan on the occasion of the Easter Holiday - Baku, April 25, 1997

Dear compatriots! 

I cordially congratulate you – all the Orthodox Christians of our republic with the Easter holiday and convey my most sincere wishes to you.

Religion plays important role in the spiritual purification and renewal of people and in the existence of moral values, principles of friendship and humanism in society. Together with the other faiths, the Russian Orthodox Church, acting in our country, participates in the implementation of benevolent aims, preserving law and order and civil solidarity in the independent democratic Azerbaijan. I am sure that irrespective of language, religion and ethnic origin, all the citizens of our republic will carry out their filial duty decently before our native land Azerbaijan in future as well and will work for the sake of prosperity and progress, everlasting existence of our state independence. 

On this dear holiday, I wish all of you good mood, family happiness and prosperous life.