Speech of Heydar Aliyev, People`s Deputy, at the session of Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan Republic - ‎August 29, 1991 ‎

Dear people's representatives! Political and economic crisis, crisis of the government in the country has become aggravated. Attack by the reactionary forces against democracy, attempt for revolution accomplished by criminal groups have ended with a failure. We already became witnesses of disintegration of the Soviet empire, Communist Party. During this period a condition of our republic and the Azerbaijani people is especially complex and heavy. The principal cause for this reactionary policy is the Azerbaijan Communist Party dominating in republic and its rough, fatal mistakes. (Voices of protest from the hall). Each deputy has the right to express his thoughts. As a result of this policy republic's communistic leadership has actually approved the revolution carried out in the country on August, 19-22, the activity of the State committee on state of emergency and thus has put Azerbaijan people in very bad situation. The Armenian nationalists, instantly taking advantage of it, have strengthened military operations and a political propaganda against the republic.

Now we should find ways out of a situation. Everyone should try assiduously for a way out. But we should determine: by which means we can find this way out.

Last days, including today, statements are sounded to people with an appeal to unity, national solidarity from this tribune. Unfortunately, these appeals are late. But we should achieve a national unity in these days by all means. For this purpose it should precisely be cleared: on the basis of what platform this national unity is possible, on the basis of what platform it is possible to achieve it? It is necessary to be satisfied with the following conditions for achievement of the unity urgently. I stated these offers in pre-election speeches, in February and March sessions of the Supreme Soviet of the Azerbaijan Republic, in my statement made concerning leaving the Communist Party on July 19 of this year, and, at last, in the letter sent to Presidium of the Azerbaijan Supreme Soviet on August 24. I do not want to repeat, however I want to state some remarks concerning these offers.

The first. State of emergency has been reigning for a year and a half in Baku. Today Ayaz Mutallibov has noted - why state of emergency is necessary? It is necessary to be abolished. Very well. But who does keep it one and a half year in Baku? By whose decision the resolution, which was adopted by the Supreme Soviet of the Azerbaijan Republic on January 22, has not been implemented to this day? It is necessary to find out how much the republic has spent for preserving state of emergency in Baku and what damage has been inflicted upon the republic within a year and a half.

The second. Different conversations go about a position of the Azerbaijani leadership to revolution, foreign and all-Union information bodies have spread information, and this question should be elucidated. We do not know who has told abroad, but it is known that on August 21 Ayaz Mutallibov's appeal was read on Russian and Azerbaijani languages on the Azerbaijan TV to the Azerbaijani people. The activity by the committee on state of emergency has been approved and expressed confidence for the solution to some questions in Azerbaijan Republic with the help of the State committee on state of emergency. Including settlement of Mountainous Garabag (Nagorno-Karabakh) conflict and disarmament of the Armenian armed gangster groups has been connected with the activity of committee on state of emergency. It is necessary to say clearly. If such mistake was made, it is necessary to say openly, people should know the truth. It is impossible to say today one thing, and tomorrow - another, it can never create belief in people.

The third. The Azerbaijan Communist Party immediately should go from the power for forming unity in people. It is a component of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The Communist Party of the Soviet Union has been disintegrated. Preservation of the Azerbaijan Communist Party, an idea on the solution of this question at the congress show the aspirations directed on use of opportunities of the Communist Party. In any way it is impossible to agree with it. All structures of the Azerbaijan Communist Party should be liquidated, all its property should be nationalized. Work of all publications of the Azerbaijan Communist Party should be stopped and be found out whether there was any co-operation between the Central Committee of Azerbaijan Communist Party and a military junta. The parliamentary commission should be created for this purpose. It is known that within 3 days, during the period when the committee on state of emergency reigned, publications of the Azerbaijan Republic, party publications in Russian and Azerbaijani languages have published documents of this committee. The Azerbaijan TV, having translated these documents into the Azerbaijani, has informed them up to people. Thousands of congratulation telegrams have been sent to the state committee on state of emergency and to Moscow by the instructions of the Central Committee of the Azerbaijan Communist Party. These show in itself available co-operation. The supervising persons taking positions in Communist Party should submit a resignation.

The fourth. A year and a half has passed since the tragedy of January 20. Today here, in this hall there are different conversations. One group has one opinion, deputy Rahimov who acted before me has other opinion. I ask the Chairman of Supreme Soviet Elmira Gafarov, the President of Azerbaijan Ayaz Mutallibov: why the political estimation was not given to this question? I cannot agree with the information given by Tamerlan Garayev because this question has both political, and the legal party. This question at once could be given a political estimation. As to the legal party, calling separate people to account, undoubtedly, it should be elucidated with the investigating group. The political estimation should be given, it is impossible to put other actions into practice without it.

Elmira Gafarova: It was given at session of 20th.

Heydar Aliyev: If it was given, then who is the perpetrator of this military aggression? Today it is said Yazov, Kryuchkov. But we must add here Bakatin, Girenko, Gorbachev, Pirmakov. And then? Who is guilty from the Azerbaijan leadership? Yes, these persons are known: Vezirov, Gafarova, Mutallibov and other members of the Central Committee of the Azerbaijan Communist Party. Yes, if other people are guilty too, it is necessary to find out. If also other forces are guilty: democratic forces, the Popular Front, their activity should also be given a political estimation. While it was not found out, it is impossible to achieve stability in republic. If it was given the political estimation, I ask Ayaz Mutallibov to tell, when Gorbachev came to agreement for appointment of 3 ministers with the leaders of 9 republics at the meeting, why Ayaz Mutallibov has not objected against appointment of Bakatin as chairman of State Security Committee? If he has objected, why did not tell in his speech? Why Vezirov, one of the originators of the tragedy on January 20, has been elected a member to the preparatory commission from the Azerbaijan Republic on preparation of Congress of People's Deputies? Who has presented him there? If it has been done by the leadership of the Azerbaijan Republic they are guilty before the Azerbaijani people. And I want to tell it with all frankness.

I also agree with the opinion of the deputies acted before me that it is impossible to carry out presidential elections in Azerbaijan if all these questions have not been found out yet. Because of the overwhelming majority of deputies in the Azerbaijan Supreme Soviet are communists, people working in authorities of the Communist Party who were elected deputies to parliament and the Azerbaijan Communist Party are guilty in many questions, I consider that the parliament of the Azerbaijan Republic should be dismissed and new elections should be conducted.

While acting so sharply, there is no doubt that specially prepared people will act against me after my speech. I have got used to such attacks. Therefore, I don't worry. I am acting being responsible before my conscience.