To People`s Artist Rasim Ojagov – Baku, November 21, 1998

Distinguished Rasim Ojagov!

I frankly congratulate you, prominent representative of the Azerbaijani cinematography, on your 65th anniversary.

You are popular as a skilful cameraman and cinema producer, creator of beautiful works of art in the Azerbaijani cinema. You have created tens of films, the names of which have been carved with gold letters to the history of our cinema; you have mastered deeply the details of the art of cinema. Your films have gained sympathy of the audience and continued the specific traditions of our cinema worthily. As result of your intensive and fruitful labor, the fame of the Azerbaijani cinema has overstepped the frontiers of our country. Your films reflect the significance that you attach to the promotion of the national-spiritual values. Your works, distinguished for their content and richness of thought, perfection of the producer and cameraman work, have been awarded with a lot of highest prizes of the respected cinema festivals.

I am sure that you will do your best for the development and prosperity of the cinema art in our independent Azerbaijan and use your rich experience on this road.

I wish you strong health, happiness and new successes in your art.

Heydar Aliyev,

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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