Statement of the Azerbaijan President Heydar Aliyev for the press after the talks with ‎NATO Secretary General Javier Solana - Presidential Palace, February 13, 1997‎

Visit of NATO Secretary General Javier Solana to Azerbaijan is significant event and I highly estimate it. Just because, this visit is realized not only in Azerbaijan, but also in the Transcaucasian countries - Georgia and Armenia and Azerbaijan. I believe that our dear guest, directly having familiarized with the situation in our region, will promote its safety and the further efforts to establishment of peace in this region.

We conducted a detailed exchange of opinions on implementation of the program "Partnership for peace" and came to such conclusion that until now Azerbaijan has carried out its duties which it had assumed. But at the same time, solution of many problems is necessary. We consider this cooperation significant, we will continue it and we will provide realization of the measures necessary for implementation of cooperation within the limits of program which was signed by us after this meeting, negotiations.

We consider the work, conducted by NATO for providing security in Europe, important. We consider that henceforth it is necessary to pay more attention to a security in the Caucasus, in Transcaucasia, including in Azerbaijan and around it which is a part of Europe. I hope that after this meeting and negotiations, relations between NATO and Azerbaijan will extend even more. All this pursues only and only the purpose focused on a safety in our region.

Dear Secretary General!

I thank you for the visit to Azerbaijan. I hope that tomorrow you will be able to get acquainted with the capital of Azerbaijan a little bit, to look at the Caspian Sea, to see historical monuments of Azerbaijan, to communicate with citizens of Azerbaijan as much as you wish.

I would like to note once again that here you will feel an atmosphere of kindliness and hospitality everywhere. I wish you successes in all your activities. Thank you.