Interview of President of the Azerbaijan Republic Heydar Aliyev given to journalists at the Bina airport during departure to Morocco to partake at the Summit meeting of Organization of the Islamic Conference - December 12, 1994

Heydar Aliyev: It is apparent that each Summit meeting is of a great significance. Certainly, the CSCE Budapest Summit had another trend and another objective. I have mentioned in my speeches made there and later in my interviews that the CESE is a large institution aimed at strengthening peace, welfare and security not only in Europe, but also in the whole world. Therefore, the CSCE Budapest Summit has a worldwide significance. This Summit has become very important especially for Azerbaijan. A resolution connected with the situation in the republic and Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan was adopted then and I am confident that shortly, this resolution will be successively implemented. And now, the next OIC Summit will take place in Morocco. This Summit is also of a great significance, since the 25th anniversary of the OIC will be celebrated. Of course, when this organization was instituted, it did not have so many members. However, this initiative was a very important step to provide the solidarity of Islamic world and development of processes ongoing in the world. Within the 25-year period, the OIC has overpassed a long way and showed great merits. It contributed into provision of peace and made efforts towards welfare and security in the world. We feel high respect to this organization.

We have accepted the invitation of king of Morocco Hassan II and I am leaving for the Summit with the feeling of deep satisfaction. There are many Islam countries represented in the world. And they have over a billion of population. The Organization of the Islamic Conference, using the general potential of these countries both partakes in worldwide processes and tries to solve specific problems inherent to Islam countries. I personally consider that each such an organization is of a great importance and if such organizations can finally unite their efforts, the peace in the world will be eternal and welfare and prosperity can be provided. Therefore, I am going to this Summit with great pleasure and I certainly have big expectations connected with it. And besides, the Organization of the Islamic Conference adopted a resolution at the previous Summit and condemned Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan appealing to international organizations in this regard.

As you know, the OIC numbers 52 member-states. The previous conference was an auspicious opportunity to adjust direct links of independent Azerbaijan with the heads of these states. We need such links. Because we still need to accomplish much work to make Azerbaijan well-known in the world and inform the world about present state of Azerbaijan. Some of us think that many are aware of our life and the issue of Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan. But in fact, it is not true. I know that you have also observed during my visits to many countries that people in many places do not know or cannot deeply realize how serious are the disasters befallen our country and what a threat they pose to the worldwide security, especially to the present and future of Azerbaijan. Therefore, we will uncover this issue at the coming sitting and at the same time, I will hold thorough talks with the heads of Islam countries. These bilateral meetings are essential for the adjustment and development of economic links of the Azerbaijan Republic with these countries. And I consider this visit to be very important just on this account. We shall see what results it will bring.

Azerbaijan 1994: National statehood before trial, part II, Baku, 2002, p. 396-370