President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev met the Foreign Minister of France Alain Juppe - December 21, 1993

On December 21, President of Azerbaijan received the French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe in his residence. Talking about the important role of talks which he held with the French President Francois Mitterrand on December 20, Heydar Aliyev said that they laid the foundations of the cooperation between France and Azerbaijan. Heydar Aliyev said: "I am sure that agreement on friendship, mutual understanding and cooperation will give a new impetus to our multisided cooperation and create conditions for the further development of the contacts between our countries". President of Azerbaijan reminded that as Francois Mitterrand said, there is little knowledge of Azerbaijan in France. He declared once again that Azerbaijan was open for France and we are for the establishment of close contacts in all the spheres.

Alain Juppe is one of the most influential French politicians. He plays a decisive role in the determination and implementation of the policy of the country. Specially stressing it, Heydar Aliyev said he believed much that the French Foreign Minister would be greatly interested in Azerbaijan then. Heydar Aliyev invited the French minister to Azerbaijan.

Thanking for the nice words of an experienced political figure about him, Alain Juppe said that he did his utmost for holding the meeting between the Azerbaijani and French presidents and believed that these talks and the signed agreement would play an important role in the expansion of cooperation between the two countries and for their development in new directions. 

Aslan Aslanov,
Special correspondent of AzerTAg
Translated from "Azerbaijan" newspaper, June 30, 1993