From the conversation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev at the Nishijin-Ori Kaikan Center of textile industry in Japan - Kyoto, February 28, 1998

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today I am very happy to be in the major center of textile industry of Japan. Thank you for the warm welcome and for your kind words.

My official visit to Japan, meetings, talks during the visit with His Majesty the Emperor, Prime Minister and other officials, the successes, the signed important documents have a special place in the development of our relations. Economic cooperation established between the two countries is of particular importance for the present and future of the Azerbaijani-Japanese relations.

It has been said that the center of the textile industry gained popularity as a symbol of the ancient Kyoto. The history of the center, the details of its transformation from a small textile workshop in a large industrial center are very interesting. In the textile center, I got acquainted with the production process. It revealed that a lot of work has been done in recent years. Gold brocades, beautiful, exquisite fabrics, kimono, ties, scarves, umbrellas and other products produced here are well-known not only in Japan but around the world. These products are marvelous. Artfully cut out Japanese traditional clothes with decorations, ornaments and fabrics attract attention with their colors, elegance and beauty.

Facilities provided for the workers, services provided to them in the Nishijin-Ori Kaikan evoke a feeling of great pleasure.

It gladdened me to be here today in the center of the textile industry. Thank you for your warm and friendly meeting. I wish you success. Thank you.

"Heydar ALiyev. Our independence is eternal (speeches, statements, interviews, letter, reports, addresses, decrees)” – “Azerneshr", Baku, 2005, volume 14, p 466-467