Speech of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan at the reception on the ‎occasion of the 50th anniversary of Israel - April 30, 1998‎

Distinguished Ambassador!

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen!

I congratulate you on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Israel. I wish all the Israeli citizens and the world Jews peace, prosperity and welfare.

Establishment of the state of Israeli was a remarkable event not only for the Jews, but all over the world. After suffering great hardships, calamities and oppression, finally the Jews could have their national state and independent country. Aggression committed by one nation or country against the other and the wars, especially genocides in the past have left very deep and crippling traces in the history of humanity. Injustice against the Jewish people, and finally, a terrible genocide and massacre of the Jews during the Second World War enraged all the mankind.

The Azerbaijani people have always protested against the aggression, violence and genocide in the history. Although, our people was a victim of such terrible crimes. Genocide committed against the Azerbaijani people in the last two centuries made it clear well that such terrible events could be committed against every nation. That is why, we have always denounced the genocide and atrocities committed against the Jews and we denounce it now too. At the same time, we feel great satisfaction that these atrocities came to an end, and 50 years ago the Jewish people established its own state. Today, Israel occupies its worthy place in the world community as an independent nation.

Israel has passed a hard and difficult way for the 50 years. But it was successful for its conclusion. We are very glad for the achievements of Israeli and wish much greater success to Israel in the future.

Azerbaijan and Israel are connected by interstate relations. But along with it, the Jews and Azerbaijanis have been living in Azerbaijan in peace and security for many years. The existing friendly relations between the Azerbaijani Jews and Azerbaijanis are clear evidences of it. Everybody, irrespective of his language, religion and nationality enjoys equal rights in Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani Jews have always benefited from the historical traditions of Azerbaijan, and they are currently protected by the laws of the independent Azerbaijan. This factor is a brilliant demonstration of an existing profitable contacts and cooperation between Azerbaijan and Israel. I am hopeful that our cooperation and close contacts will continue hereafter, and it will be profitable for both of the nations.

Distinguished friends, I congratulate all of you on the occasion of this holiday and wish good health to you and successes to Israel.

Thank you very much. 

"Azerbaijan" newspaper, May 2, 1998