Address of Heydar Aliyev, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan to World Azerbaijanis on the occasion of the Day of Solidarity - Baku, December 28, 1996

Dear compatriots!

31st December is the day of Solidarity of World Azerbaijanis. I congratulate all of you cordially on the occasion of this national holiday and I extend to you my best wishes. Our people living in the sixth year of its independence, despite of all hard tests it has overcome during last period, adhered the way of justice and proved to the entire world that it is the master of its destiny and loyal to the principles of the democratic and legal statehood and national sovereignty.

Having achieved success on the way of national state building, the Republic of Azerbaijan advances with confidence to the great future. The internal and foreign policy of the Azerbaijan state serve to the strengthening of the will of our people at the international arena as well as permanent implementation of our historical tasks.

Dear compatriots!

Azerbaijan is a historical native land and Fatherland of all world Azerbaijanis. Our compatriots living in all other countries have distinguished services and contributions for the longstanding struggle for ages of our people for national independence.

For support of the sovereignty and eternity of our statehood, every Azerbaijani, despite the living place he is required to demonstrate the steadfast solidarity, ideological and practical unity for the sake of sacred Azerbaijan. In our times of hard historical tests when our dreams about independence and freedom that we had been bearing in our hearts during many centuries are being realized, I call all of you to the national solidarity and to be mobilized for the sake of free, independent, powerful and democratic Azerbaijan state.

I congratulate you on the occasion of the Day of solidarity!
Heydar Aliyev
The President of Azerbaijan Republic