To People`s Artist Hasan Mammadov – Baku, November 21, 1998

Distinguished Hasan Mammadov!

I congratulate you, the prominent representative of the Azerbaijani cinema and national theatre, on your 60th anniversary.

Rich traditions of the Azerbaijani theatre have found its embodiment in our contemporary cinema with your creative work. Gallery of bright characters created by you in the 60s and 70s contains the unforgettable page of the history of our cinema. Your creative work based on the inborn talent and diligence won the respect and esteem of the cinema lovers as the best performer of male characters. Due to your art as an actor the Azerbaijani cinema popularized in the world.

The past and contemporary history of our people was the source of inspiration of the characters you performed in films. By performing the parts of modern and historical heroes you contributed to the propagation of the national- spiritual values and to the development of the present generation as heroes and patriots.

Characters of Dede Korkut and Bakhtiyar, Asgar and Garash reflect all the subtleties of the Azerbaijani mental values. Your performances convey ideas and thoughts to spectators not only by words, but also through different artistic instruments expressing your restraint and philosophical ideas.

High state prizes and honorary names, which you got in different years, are the explicit expression of the national love towards your creative work.

I am sure that as an experienced actor and man-of-art you will work for the development of the independent Azerbaijani culture and endow joy to your admirers.

I wish you happiness and health, great successes in your career.

Heydar Aliyev,

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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