Azerbaijan historical issues have been fully described in Heydar Aliyev’s heritage for the first time in the Dissertation.

The study of Heydar Aliyev’s heritage issue is always protect its actuality. Since the 90s of the XX century, at a time when the social and political life was extremely variable, Azerbaijan was able to be the democratic, principle of the sovereign state in the Caucasus region. In this direction state-building and the process of cultural development, recognition issues in the international arena, is one of the essential reasons which make the new look important to the History of Azerbaijan in Heydar Aliyev’s heritage.

The I chapter of the Dissertation is called «The place of history in the activity of Heydar Aliyev in the field of national and spiritual revival».In this chapter 70- 80-ies of XX century in the statehood activity of Great leader, the implementation of ideology of Azerbaijanism with the subtle motives and on the basis of his activity in this area grounded in standing the historical issues of Azerbaijan. So, investigation of archival materials, clarified to some moments. The Origin and Evolution of the history is very broad and comprehensive topic in Azerbaijan.

The scientific theoretical analysis of heritage of Great leader included in the second chapter which called the «Ancient period and the Middle Ages historical issues of Azerbaijan in Heydar Aliyev’s heritage». So, Heydar Aliyev’s works - the speeches, statements, interviews has brought a new approach,a new look to the historical issues and covered each stage of the history of Azerbaijan. In this regard, historical issues of Ancient and the Middle Ages which placed in the heritage of the Great leader,in the second chapter were analyzed in terms of scientific theory.

III Chapter is called «New and modern historical issues of Azerbaijan in Heydar Aliyev’s heritage». In this chapter, a new period of the history of Azerbaijan which contained a wide range of place in the heritage and social - political activity of Great leader was investigated. The distribution of Azerbaijan and generally, historical issues of XIX century occupied a special place in Heydar Aliyev’s heritage.

The history of XIX century were re-investigated and new works were written with his recommendations at the end of the 90s of the XX centuries. However, the Great lider as a statesman, remembers this historical moment in his meetings, speeches and expressed clearly his attitude clearly.

The conducted scientific studies and the obtained scientific results were summed up at the conclusion of the dissertation.