From the conversation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev at the meeting with Yeshimo Shgey president of the Japanese company "Mitsui" - the residence of the President of Azerbaijan, February 24, 1998

Dear Mr. Shgey,

First of all, I express my gratitude for your kind words. As President of the independent Republic of Azerbaijan I would like to stress the satisfaction connected with my first official visit to Japan.

 Your comprehensive information about the company "Mitsui", in which you are President, its cooperation with many countries of the world, including Azerbaijan, in many areas, caused in me immense interest. I am pleased to recall that in the 1970s, the Japanese company "Toshiba" built in Baku the factory of air conditioners. I am pleased to hear that the company "Mitsui" also took an active part in the negotiations for providing that factory with technical equipment then.

For the implementation of the contracts signed for the joint oil development in the Azerbaijani Sector of the Caspian Sea, the Japanese companies "Itochu" and "Mitsui" got some shares. I want to emphasize that "Kurdashi" deposit in which "Mitsui" is interested, has very large reserves. Most reputable oil companies of the world make efforts to work in this field, but we prefer "Mitsui". During my visit to Japan, I gave my consent to the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan to sign a contract with "Mitsui" on joint development in that deposit.

Your information on the close relations of "Mitsui" with Azerbaijan is of particular importance. I welcome the active participation of "Mitsui" in the construction "Shimal" power station which will work on gas and the Cancer Center in Baku.

I was always thinking about the completion of the Cancer Center, the construction of which started in 1981. If the profitable soft loan is allocated for this work, it will be possible to agree with other proposals.

I express my gratitude for the meeting and your mutually beneficial proposals.