From the conversation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev with the heads of the Japanese corporation "Sony Media World" - Tokyo, February 26, 1998

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome!

As you know that I paid an official visit to the "Land of the Rising Sun" at the invitation of the Prime Minister of Japan, His Excellence Ryutaro Hashimoto. I spent in Tokyo meetings with His Majesty the Emperor, Prime Minister, heads of the House of Councilors of the parliament and many other meetings. In these interesting and fruitful meetings we had effective negotiations. The current state of relations between our two countries is very good. I believe that in order to expand these relationships further both in Japan and Azerbaijan we have great potentials to use.

Now I am in one of the office buildings of the Corporation "Sony Media World" in Tokyo. Thank you for your kind words, friendly, meeting and hospitality. From the information which I have, it became clear that the corporation, started its activities with the simplest model of double cassette recorder, then it made great successes in the field of original production of a wide range of products for personal and business use. The corporation, known worldwide for its high technology manufactures electrical equipment meets modern requirements. Different equipment, TV equipment, recording devices, new modern types of computers made a very deep impression on me.

Azerbaijan is also well aware of your products and the work you have done. You have really achieved great success in improving the video and audio equipment. Once it was even hard to imagine the achievement of your corporation. You have the position of the leader in your field and examples that you have shown us demonstrate that you really have achieved great successes in the field of scientific and technical progress. Products of your corporation prove that there is no limit of the human invention, mind and capabilities. I congratulate you on this success. It goes without saying that you will not satisfy on this and continue to delight the world with your new inventions and discoveries. I wish you success.