Speech of the Azerbaijan President Heydar Aliyev at the official reception organized by Italy Corporation "ENI" in honour of the Azerbaijani President - "Palacho Taveria", September 26, 1997

Dear Mr. President Moscota!

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

I thank you for the attention shown to me during these two days. I am grateful to you that now we are in Rome, in this ancient beautiful building. Undoubtedly, we appreciate this friendly reception as mark of respect to Azerbaijan and personally to me to the Azerbaijani President. I had a good chance to speak with you in a cordial atmosphere. I agree with you that there is no necessity to speak about oil, gas, pipelines. We have spoken much about it. I said that it is "not necessary" not only because we do not want to deal with this question, but because we came to the agreement about everything. These questions have been already settled by us. And that is, we are in your office today, the meeting with you and discussion of different oil pipelines demonstrate the unity of our opinions.

Frankly speaking, it gives me pleasure to be with you in this ancient building, ancient palace. I feel myself very well because my retinue and I have a chance to come into contact with bright pearls of the Italian art, Italian architecture. I am thankful to you for the organization of the friendly reception, friendly party just here in such place. We have looked around a lot of beautiful salons, where hung the works of the Italian painting, ancient painting. This building is a beautiful monument of the Italian architecture. Your advantage is that you are always in this atmosphere. You have got accustomed to it. This event is the infrequent opportunity for us to get in touch with the spiritual nourishment which you have present to us.

Thank you. Having remembered about my recent born grandson you excessively touched me. This is the very great event in my life, in the life of my family.

Now I have six grandchildren. I am very glad to it. I am glad that just in Rome, in this ancient building, in this beautiful atmosphere you gave a toast in connection of this event for the health of my grandson. Thank you.

I want to wish all of you health, happiness, joyful life, peace and stability to the Italian people and also excellent temperament, love for life and courage. Italians are well-known with these beautiful qualities in the world. It is excellent. Italians demonstrated to all that they can work well, enrich the world civilization by pearls of art, culture, to organize the manufacture on the basis of the higher technology, to contribute to the scientific-and-technical progress. At the same time they can relax well, eat spaghetti and drink excellent Italian wine. I wish you always to live such a beautiful life.

I give a toast in honor of Italy, in honor of your culture, art, science, moral values presented by you to the world. I give a toast to the health of all children in the world. Children - it is happiness for each of us. At the same time they are our future. I give a toast to the health of the children, children of the whole world, for friendship and gladness, your health.