Prezident of Azerbaijan Republic Heydar Aliyev met the delegations of Bundestag of the Germany-Caucasian parliamentary group of the Federal Republic of Germany - July 2, 1996

President of Azerbaijan Republic Heydar Aliyev met Willy Wimmer, chairman of the German –Caucasian parliamentary group of Bundestag, as well as other members of these group within the frame of his official visit to the Federal Republic of Germany.

Expressing their great satisfaction from the visit of the well-known political leader Heydar Aliyev, Mr. Wimmer introduced the members of German- Caucasian group to the President of Azerbaijan. He stated: ``We want the territorial inviolability and integrity of Azerbaijan in the nearest future. The continent we live can`reconcile with aggression .That`s why we would support the withdrawal of the invaders from your occupied territories.

This is not the only meditation of our parliamentary group related with the Caucasus, as well as of the leaders of the representatives of the political parties represented in the parliament ,of the whole Bundestag. Mr. President ,you are the dearest guest of our parliament.``

Mr. Wimmer pointed out that they gave great attention to the bilateral relations with Azerbaijan. He stated that his country followed all the democratic reforms in the social-economic fields of our republic by their country, and supported them .

Expressing his gratitude to Mr. Wimmer ,as well as the members of German– Caucasian parliamentary group, President Heydar Aliyev expressed his satisfaction for being in Bundestag. He underlined: ``I`m on an official visit to Germany. Today I had very important and interesting talks with Roman Herzog,the president of Germany as well as Helmut Kol, federal chancellor. We discussed the problems relating strengthen the relations between two countries, its expanding and development. I can underline that both Germany and Azerbaijan , i.e. Mr. Herzog, Mr . Kol , as well as me, are of the same opinion about these issues.

Azerbaijan President stated:`` We should have some appointments in these days. All of them have been dedicated by the development and expandsion of the bilateral relations between Germany and Azerbaijan ,especially in the field of economy . We intend to take some actions in this sphere.``

President Heydar Aliyev then underlined: On my official visit to Germany I am accompanied by a parliamentary group of our Republic. They are more than you in number. This shows the close relations between President and the parliament.

Mr.Wimmer, I am very pleased that you expressed your opinion about the very important problem for us. You emphasized that you want the restoration of our territorial inviolability and integrity in the nearest future, and it is the position of German Bundestag ,as well as the position of the coordination group of Bundestag with OSCE. It satisfies me very much. Today, sharing the same opinion with Mr. Herzog and Helmut Kol, we underlined that the territory and borders of any country can`t be changed by violence and force, and the whole countries must be against it.

The head of our Republic then added: I want to express my assurance that the opinion based on the international legal norms which you sounded would be your permanent position hence. I am sure Germany and other OSCE member countries of Europe will make efforts for the solution of the military conflict between Armenia- Azerbaijan and we`ll solve this problem with joint efforts.

Speaking about the occupation of 20% the territory of Azerbaijan by the Armenian invaders, President Heydar Aliyev noted that it is incomfortable the international legal norms and must be put an end to it. President Azebaijan expressed his assurance that the collaboration between the countries, parliaments as well as the heads of our Republics will play an important role in the solution of this problem.

Expressing his satisfaction with the official visit Germany , underlined the warm attitude of the Germany- Caucasian group with great gratitude, and expressed his thanks for this objective , sound ,warm attitude , as well as for such position.  

Translated from "Azerbaijan" newspaper, issue of Jule 3, 1996