Historical background to the document "The speech of the President of Azerbaijan Republic Heydar Aliyev at the evening devoted to the creative activity of the famous composer of Azerbaijan, Arif Melikov (State Art Museum named after Rustam Mustafayev, February 5, 1995)"

Heydar Aliyev always cared for culture and cultural figures, the most important wealth of Azerbaijan. He considered the Azerbaijani culture and moral values an important attribute of the national identity and polity. Therefore, he reckoned his duty to attend the cultural events, concerts, anniversaries, evenings of different creative persons despite the lack of time. Composer Arif Malikov`s authorship evening was one of them. Heydar Aliyev always stated his appreciation of Arif Malikov`s creative activity. Not surprisingly, by Heydar Aliyev’s decree, Arif Malikov was awarded with the order of “Istiglal” (“Independence”), a high national award of Azerbaijan. The eighth symphony “Eternity” by the prominent composer is dedicated to Heydar Aliyev.