Speech of the Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev at the reception of the credentials of the newly appointed ambassador of Turkey Qedri Ecvet Tezcan - February 9, 1998

Distinguished Mr. Ambassador! I congratulate you on the occasion of your appointment Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Turkish Republic to Azerbaijan and wish you successes on this honourable job.

The Azerbaijani-Turkish friendship, fraternity and wide cooperation have a great history. The most important part of this friendship falls to the times when Azerbaijan achieved independence. When the Azerbaijani people was fighting for independence, Turkey answered to the challenge of the nation who declared their will to achieve independence, national freedom. The support and moral assistance of Turkey to the Azerbaijani nation was very important, because Turks are very dear to the Azerbaijanis. Turkey was the firstly to recognize the independence of Azerbaijan when it was declared.

Day by day our relations strengthened, expanded and now it is friendly and strategic partnership nmature.

It's naturally, it is because we have common historical roots, friendly relations between our previous generations, common moral-spiritual values and culture. But today it's very complicated period both for Azerbaijan and for the Turkish Republic. We are at the end of the twentieth and in the beginning of twenty-first centuries. The expansion and development of the Azerbaijani-Turkish relations are very important for both of us. I declare with satisfaction that Turkey always displays its friendly attitude to Azerbaijan, we see the support and fraternal assistance, this is very important for us.

The relations of Azerbaijan to Turkey always strengthens and expands. Azerbaijan uses the knowledge of Turkey for strengthening its independence and establishing a democratic, legal, secular state, our relations are in a new stage and it got new character. A visit of Turkish President, my dear fiend, Suleyman Demirel and other officials to Azerbaijan, the signed documents and contracts are on evidences which reflect the history of our relations. We are faithful to these relations and will be so in future. That's why we attach great importance to the friendship and cooperation with Turkey.

I hope that as the ambassador of Turks you will take an active part in performing all the duties which you are responsible for. Be sure that you will see the support and assistance everywhere in Azerbaijan. Undoubtedly, every Turk feels at home when he comes to Azerbaijan, and you will feel the same. You will see special respect. You have a great chance to work successfully and all our state bodies will create the favorable conditions for you. I am sure that you will use these opportunities, successfully do your work, and will contribute to the Azerbaijani-Turkish relations. I congratulate you once more and wish you good health and successes at your works.

Translated from "Azerbaijan" newspaper, 1998.

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