From the talk of Heydar Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan with the US delegation headed by general-major of the US Air Forces Charles Wax, Director of Plans and Programs, Headquarters U.S. European Command - Presidential Palace, March 24, 1999

Heydar Aiyev: I am glad that the delegation of the US Armed Forces and NATO is on a visit to Azerbaijan. I think that your interest in Azerbaijan, in the Caucasus in general is understandable and justifiable. I think that it is very important for both of us.

Azerbaijan has been participating in the NATO "Partnership for Peace" program for several years and our country has realized some measures in connection with to it. With the realizing the measures, we feel the further expansion of the tasks which originate from this program. At the end of April NATO semi-centennial anniversary will be held in Washington. We - I and the Azerbaijani delegation will take part in it.

I think, despite your brief stay here, you could meet our competent persons and expand your impressions about Azerbaijan. Defense Minister Safar Abiyev has informed me about the meetings and negotiations with you and your visits to some places. In my opinion, it all will help you to have full imagination on you about Azerbaijan and the Caucasus and assist the cooperation of Azerbaijan with the US and NATO in this field.

Stanley Escudero (US ambassador to Azerbaijan): Mr. President, let me introduce Charles Wax, general-major of US Air Forces. General-major Wax is Director of Plans and Programs, Headquarters U.S. European Command.

He has a special interest in Azerbaijan and the Caucasus. It is his first visit to Azerbaijan, a visit for acquaintance. I guess, general Wax will tell you about his impressions about Azerbaijan.

Charles Wax: Mr. President, I thank you that you could find time to receive me. It is a great honor to me.

I had useful meetings with your Defense Minister and other responsible persons. During this visit we had negotiations, touched a number of issues, and also could visit some places. We have come here in order to search out the ways for the establishment deeper and more extensive relations between the US Forces in Europe and Azerbaijan. We want to establish relations not only with Azerbaijan, but with other nations of the region, because life in conditions of stability is of great importance for these nations.

Our negotiations were useful. I have learnt that there are good opportunities for the further expansion of relations and cooperation. As for the semi-centennial of NATO, I hope it will be exciting, unforgettable. Coming to the jubilee meeting you will meet your friends from different countries. In that assembly I and my staff will do our best for the expansion of our cooperation.

Finally, I`d like to give the floor to Mr. Ambassador to express his opinion on your visit to the NATO anniversary. But I`d like to tell you that I have been rendered such a hospitality that I will have to be back again. Thank you again for the honor.

Heydar Aliyev: Mr. General, I declare again that I approve and value your initiative- your initiative to visit Azerbaijan and the aims you have declared here.

Like you, we also consider that there are great opportunities for cooperation of Azerbaijan with NATO and the US Armed Forces. We want to use these opportunities effectively and develop our cooperation. I guess your brief acquaintance with the opportunities and places for the collaboration must confirm the conception on the necessity of this cooperation.

I think that the work done up to now is the first phase of this cooperation. Afterwards we shall realize the second stage and within it there is a lot to do. I also agree with your opinion on the necessity of cooperation with both of sides- the US, NATO and the Caucasian states. In general, your approach to this problem from much beoader point of view is correct.

I think it will not be your last visit. In the frame of our cooperation you will be in our region more often, get acquainted with our possibilities.
Thank you.

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