S. Rob Sobhani (1960), the president of the american company “Caspian energy consulting”

Four-five years ago, it is possible to tell, in all published in mass media of America materials the Azerbaijan side was presented as the originator of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. This opinion supported both many statesmen and politicians of America. However, already everyone knows that the Azerbaijani lands are occupied by the Armenians and therefore, more than one million peaceful people became refugees. All know that of this conflict the Armenian side is guilty.

The clever policy pursued by President Heydar Aliyev during his visits to the US and other foreign countries, has destroyed the created in the world by Armenians negative image of Azerbaijan. Answers of Mr. Heydar Aliyev basing on logic to questions of journalists during his foreign trips, his oratorical abilities, and phenomenal memory also have played in it a considerable role. During visits to foreign countries Heydar Aliyev realized warmly communicates with journalists. In addition, those, in turn, study in much at the great politician, through information means lead up his ideas to the public. Such reasonable policy of President Heydar Aliyev has led to destruction of the information blockade created around of Azerbaijan.

Three meetings of President Heydar Aliyev with President Clinton, and his meetings with Vice-President Gore and Secretary of State Christopher have played the basic role in change of the official position the US. At these meetings President Heydar Aliyev has managed to finish with them true essence of the Karabakh conflict, has in detail stated to them the aggressive position occupied by Armenia. Each of these meetings has played an exclusive role in change of the position of official circles of America.

The white house and, as a whole, the American politics so regard activity of President Heydar Aliyev: he has established stability in the country. The US well knows that in present conditions of Azerbaijan it is very much a tough job. America also well knows, that President Heydar Aliyev really aspires to independence of Azerbaijan and courageously resists to all pressure to keep it. Therefore, statesmen of America prefer to cooperate with Heydar Aliyev. Representatives of the White House believe that Heydar Aliyev really, boundlessly loves the country and has devoted his life to native people and that other purpose at him is not present. It is a very much essential fact. As among the politicians who have come to authority are also such which do not possess so valuable quality as love to the Native land. Having stayed the certain period at authority, they simply satisfy the political passions.

The known politician and statesman of America Zbignew Bzhezhinski arrived to Baku and met with President Heydar Aliyev and the representative of the opposition, in the subsequent so has expressed the ideas in the American press: “Today only Heydar Aliyev can supervise over Azerbaijan, as stability is the basis of independence and democracy. Heydar Aliyev is a unique politician who can keep in present conditions of stability in Azerbaijan”. In opinion of Bzhezhinski, in today's conditions of stability, and then democracy is necessary for Azerbaijan, first. Coming to Baku, he planned to meet Heydar Aliyev once. Nevertheless, thanks to his interest to personality of Heydar Aliyev, good mutual understanding of these large politicians they met four times.

Having come back to the US, Mr. Bzhezhinski has met President Clinton and has informed in detail him on the meetings carried out in Azerbaijan. He brought to the notice of American public the truth on Azerbaijan. Bzhezinski is an esteemed person in the US, whose opinion Americans think much …

Azerbaijan will leave for the nearest period from a difficult situation. As this country possesses powerful economic potential and competent experts in all areas. The main thing, in Azerbaijan is political stability and consequently foreign business shows great interest to this country. If in any country there "come" known firms and businessmen, means, it has future. I am confident, that Heydar Aliyev will provide this future.