Acting President of Azerbaijan, chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic Heydar Aliyev received the Ambassadors and heads of the foreign missions - Baku, July 2, 1993

On July 2, Acting President of Azerbaijan, chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic Heydar Aliyev received the Ambassadors and heads of the foreign missions to Baku. During the reception he made a statement on the causes of the suspension of the execution of contracts signed with the foreign oil companies and acceleration of the attacks of the Armenian armed forces against the Azerbaijani territories.

Heydar Aliyev said that there were no changes in the domestic and foreign policy of Azerbaijan and there will not be any afterwards. He declared that the country will follow the road of democracy, political pluralism and building of democratic state and obey the international law and protection of human rights.

The statement said: "We shall be faithful to all the recently signed agreements. Azerbaijan will establish contacts with the foreign countries according to the principles of the market economy. The leadership of the republic will expand and accelerate democratic reforms.

Refuting the recent rumors about the agreements signed with the foreign oil companies, Heydar Aliyev said: "We were very clear about it and I note once more that there is no reason for anxiety. The leadership suspended the implementation of the agreements for their thorough reconsideration".

Speaking about the situation in the republic, it was noted that tensions have considerably decreased in the capital and regions. The danger of the civil war in Azerbaijan has passed. Measures in this direction will be continued on democratic principles."

Foreign diplomats were informed that the Armenian armed forces launched intensive attacks in the region of Karabakh and adjacent regions on June 12, and at the moment these operations continue incessantly. Armenia has not given up its intention of seizing the territories of Azerbaijan taking advantage from the crisis of power in Azerbaijan. The Armenian armed forces have occupied several villages of Aghdara and Aghdam regions of Azerbaijan. Gadabay region was also attacked. Today, Fuzuli and Gabrail regions were fiercely attacked by the Armenian army and three villages of Fuzuli have been occupied. Bloody combats continue there at the moment. All these show that Armenia ignores the package of proposals of the United States, Russia and Turkey as well as Resolution 822 of the Security Council of the United Nations, and does not want to implement the peace plan.

Evaluating the expected visit of the chairman of the Minsk conference, Mario Rafaelli to the region, Heydar Aliyev said that he highly appreciated it and the Armenian party should create condition for efficiency of this intention of peace.

Heydar Aliyev asked the diplomats to call on the world community, their own governments and OSCE members to take urgent measures to stop the Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan with the assistance of the United Nations.

Translated form "Azerbaijan 1993: From anarchy to stability", Baku - 2000, pp. 43-44.