To the International Congress of "the III millennium. Conclusions of the Century. Vision of future" - Baku, January 4, 2000

Distinguished participants of the congress!

I warmly greet you, the Congress of "the III millennium. Conclusions of the Century. Vision of future", and convey all my best wishes and regards to all of you.

Your goodwill gathering coincides with a very remarkable period in the life of the mankind. These days the two thousandth anniversary of the Jesus Christ is solemnly celebrated. The XX century, rich with great historical and socio-political events comes to an end and our world steps into the III millennium with great excitements and hopes.

I highly appreciate the gathering of the famous researchers, figures of science, culture, politicians and businessmen to discuss the conclusions of the II millennium and prospects of the development of our world in the new millennium in such a historical crossroad of centuries and millenniums and support your good will and intentions. I hope that progressive discussions will be hold in the congress and unbiased scientific conclusions will be achieved on the present and future of our world.

Dear friends!

It is the 9th year of the independence of Azerbaijan, one of the ancient cultural centers of the world, thanks to the unshakable will of our people. The independent Republic of Azerbaijan, conducting an independent foreign and internal policy, has achieved considerable successes in the integration to the civilized world as a full right member of the world community. The process of the building of the democratic state and legal reforms received an irreversible course. I suppose you are well aware of that Azerbaijan has an important geostrategic position, rich resources and is a strategic spot on the Great Silk Road connecting the East and the West. Today, a number of the leading states, companies and economic entities of the world implement long-term economic projects investing in the oil industry and other spheres in Azerbaijan.

We work constantly in the direction of establishing the values of the international law and development of the mutual business contacts and cooperation based on equal rights in the spheres of politics, economy, culture and science and technology. Socio-political stability reigning in our country and high hospitality inherent to our people lay good conditions for the successful realization of these works. Independent and democratic Republic of Azerbaijan is open to the world and I would be pleased to greet each one of you in my country.

The traditional religions of the world, including Christianity have ancient roots in Azerbaijan. Leading confessions, Muslim mosques, Jewish synagogues and Christian churches existed here for centuries and played an important role in the establishment of friendly and fraternal relations and feelings of kindness and generosity among people. Today, our democratic and secular republic also is faithful to its progressive historical traditions.

I warmly congratulate you on the occasion of the remarkable holiday, the two thousandth anniversary of the birthday of the Jesus Christ and wish each of you all the best and success to your goodwill congress. 

Heydar Aliyev,
President of the Republic of Azerbaijan 
Translated from "Azerbaijan" newspaper, January 11, 2000