Speech of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev at the ceremony at the Specialized Military School named after J.Nakhichevansky - May 9, 1994

Forty-nine years ago all the progressive forces and peaceful countries of the world saved the mankind from the disaster, ended the World War II and established peace in the world. The Azerbaijani people also took an active part in achieving the great victory...

The establishment of this school 22 years ago was a historical event for our country. This school has had a great impact in strengthening the military power of our country.

When meeting officers in the front, I see most of them are graduates of this high school. I feel very happy when they say that they saw me and heard my advice in this school.

Within these 22 years the school has occupied a significant position in the life of our republic. When establishing and enlarging this school, employing its teaching staff we were thinking about the future of Azerbaijan. I took care of the future of our country. When Azerbaijan declared its independence, and when it is in the state of war, the significance of this school grows more.

You will be the officers of the Azerbaijani army. Therefore, you must use your time effectively here, get a very good education and training. You must do your best both in science and physical training in order to become good officers and deserve the service in the Azerbaijani army. Your military training is of great importance for our country. I wish you good luck in education and training.

I thank the staff of teachers and officers who have done their best for establishing this school, educating several generations of youth. I congratulate the staff of the school on the Day of Victory, wish you successes in your education, training, and personal life. I am sure that the Azerbaijani army has a bright future. It will become stronger, protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.