Congratulation of the Azerbaijan President Heydar Aliyev to the national artist Mikail Abdullayev - Baku, December 18, 1997

Dear Mikail Abdullayev!

I congratulate you heartily, the outstanding representative of fine arts of Azerbaijan with birthday and 60 years of creative action.

You are the skilled workman of brush who has great services in the development of the Azerbaijani art. Works of painting and graphic arts in different genres and subjects are entered to our art history. Your 60 years way in art we can consider as living chronicle of art of the big period, passed by the country.

The beauty of the Azerbaijani nature, heroic battles of the homeland sons, devotion to the land, native country, labour, art are the main ideas of your creation. Your any canvas about the nature is a romantic example of the art, reflecting different corners of your country. In the portraits created with great love you entering into the inner world of the historical persons and plain men whom you are described, you can uncover their characters skillfully.

The illustrations to the pearls of Azerbaijan literature, in particular to the epos "Kitabi Dede Gorgud" which is the ancient theme of our people, you demonstrate your respect and feeling of love, which you nourished to the classic national heritage. The design of the underground railway station of "Nizami", your activity on the theatre once again confirms it. Love to the native land, maternal love, happiness of the Azerbaijani woman skillfully finds its reflection in your lyric canvas. Your products, which have emotional strength, national color, educational maintenance had played great role in the formation of new generation. Your incessant fruitful activity always serves to the Azerbaijan people.

A cycle of pictures, created on the themes of foreign countries, you opened new horizons for our art. Your works which was presented in many countries of the world, had brought great glory. You are first of among the artists of Azerbaijan you were lucky to organize personal exhibitions in foreign countries.

Your creative work was awarded with a state prize, different orders and medals and international premium Neru. Your greatest reward is a deep respect and love which our people nourish, to you personality, beautiful works.

I believe that using reach experience and rare talent, you will gladden the admirers of your art with a new works.

I wish you health, happiness and creative success.

The Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev.