From the conversation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev, with Iwao Toriumi, president of the Japanese company "Marubeni" - Tokyo, residence of the President of Azerbaijan, February 26, 1998

Dear Mr. Marubeni,

First of all, I express my gratitude to you for the warm and kind words addressed to me.

The information you provided on the company "Marubeni", of which you are president, now has sales offices in 85 countries, a large number of subsidiary companies in 100 countries, it caused in me great interest.

I am grateful to you for your evaluation of the activities carried out in recent years for integration of the economy of our country into the world community, the reforms carried out and achievements in the development of the energy resources in Azerbaijan.

In my turn, I appreciate the great interest of "Marubeni" in establishing relations with Azerbaijan in many spheres and in strengthening our cooperation. I am sure that our achievements will be of great importance for the development of both Azerbaijan and the entire region. We attach great importance to the cooperation with Japan in all spheres, and we believe that there are great potentials to expand and deepen this cooperation.

You have noted the high quality of pipes, produced by "Marubeni" for the oil and gas industry, and gave information on the project developed by you for the reconstruction of Baku cement factory. You stressed that the company has great experience in building infrastructure for the oil industry, construction of power stations and in many other areas.

Mr. Toriumi, I appreciate your proposals and I want to stress the importance of discussions for their implementation. Azerbaijan will focus attention on establishing mutually beneficial relations in all spheres with the most influential companies in Japan.

I am sure that further strengthening of these relations will be of enormous benefit to both parties.

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