From the conversation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev at the meeting with Shinroku Morohashi Vice President of company "Mitsubishi" - Tokyo, residence of the President of Azerbaijan, February 25, 1998

Mr. Morohashi,

First of all, thank you for your warm words about our country, about the Azerbaijani people and about me personally. I express my great pleasure in connection with my successful visit to Japan at the invitation of the Prime Minister of your Land of the Rising Sun Mr. Hashimoto. I express my gratitude for your hospitality and friendly atmosphere during this visit. I am very pleased that you appreciated the official visit of the President of Azerbaijan to Japan as a historical event. I thank you that you highlighted my work and the achievements in the field of construction of a democratic, secular state and successful implementation of reforms in Azerbaijan under my leadership and for the kind words, and for telling that in Japan these measures are followed with a great interest.

You remembered your visit to Baku in September, 1997. I also remember it. Mr. Morohashi, I listened with interest to your proposals about the intention of your company, to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with Azerbaijan in many spheres, in the construction of canals in Azerbaijan, in the use of alternative energy sources, in the reconstruction of Nakhchivan airport, in the issues on providing our country with agricultural machinery. I draw your attention that in our country there are great opportunities to work with your company in many spheres. I welcome the opening of the representative office of "Mitsubishi" in Azerbaijan, your great interest in our country and the special attention you pay to establish mutually beneficial relationships with our republic. I approve your proposals and think that it is important to hold necessary discussions for their implementation. I hope that we shall expand our cooperation in future. I invite you, Mr. Morohashi, to visit Azerbaijan. Thank you.