From the talk of President of the Azerbaijan Republic Heydar Aliyev at the meeting with the delegation headed by chairman of the Kuwait-Azerbaijan parliamentary friendship group Jamal Hussein Fahat al-Omar - September 27, 2001

Heydar Aliyev: You are welcome, honorable friends!

I think the visit of parliamentary delegation of Kuwait to Azerbaijan will serve the further development of contacts between our countries in many respects.

I know that You have had many meetings here. I suppose you have been able to get acquainted with today`s state of affairs in Azerbaijan. As I know, these meetings are held in sincere and friendly atmosphere. It is understandable, as very close friendly relations and cooperation have been established between Kuwait and Azerbaijan. We highly appreciate these contacts. Please.

Jamal Hussein Fahat al-Omar: Your Excellency, Mr. President!

We appreciate You for the kind words about broad development of contacts between our countries.

While being here, among Azerbaijani people and Azerbaijani Muslims, we feel like we are among brothers. We see only the kindness and feeling of brotherhood inherent to Islam in this brotherly country. Taking an opportunity, I also want to express my deep appreciation to Govhar khanim accompanying us during this visit.

I covey You regards from Emir of State of Kuwait Sheikh Jaber al-Ahmad al-Jaber as-Sabah and the chairman of Kuwait parliament.

As You know, we have held the number of meetings here, including in ministries and the parliament. All the meetings have passed in brotherly and friendly atmosphere. We consider that this visit and our meetings will help greater development of contacts between our countries.

We have discussed in more detail many issues during the meetings and negotiations and got acquainted with the concerns and problems of the Moslem country. I think such meetings and negotiations will serve further strengthening of cooperation and links between two Moslem countries.

Anyone knows that the Islamic world and Islamic countries have faced many troubles. We knew it before and we have been informed here once again that as a result of the aggression by Armenia, more than 20 percent of Azerbaijani lands have been occupied and many people have become refugees. This aggression has caused many troubles to Azerbaijan. In due time, we also faced the same problems.

As You know, as a result of aggression by Iraq against Kuwait, our country faced many problems. Some of these problems have not been solved up to now. 625 captives in Iraq still have not been returned to the motherland.

Mr. President, the certain campaign against Moslem countries is carried out by many mass media, in particular, in connection with the terrorist acts committed in the United States of America. As is known, a terrorist has no nationality or religion. We also condemn terror and speak against it. But at the same time, we have to express our opinion regarding the attempts to show the Islamic world and Islamic countries in a different light by misusing this fact. I think there is a need for cooperation and mutual understanding in this line too.

We suppose that the necessity for coordination of our activity for the solution of problems existing in the Islamic, as well as Arabic world exists as well. We have to become close to each other and strengthen these contacts. I want to conclude my speech by wishing the soonest meeting in Kuwait. Thank You.

Heydar Aliyev: Thank You.

First of all, I want to express my gratitude for the regards conveyed to me by Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Jaber al-Sabah and the chairman of the Kuwait parliament. I ask You to send my brotherly regards, respect and esteem to them.

The impressions of Your stay in Azerbaijan will certainly allow speeding the development of our contacts. We intend to cooperate with close and friendly to us Kuwait in all the areas and I have to say that such cooperation is already implemented in certain fields.

The definite similarity can be observed in the recent history and life of our countries. You have mentioned it. You know well that 12-13 years ago, the neighbor Armenia unleashed a military aggression against Azerbaijan. 20 percent of the Azerbaijan territory is under occupation. More than a million of our citizens have been ousted from the occupied territories and now live in hard conditions in tents. As I know, You have met refugees and know their situation if I am not mistaken.

The military aggression unleashed by Armenia started with the commitment of separate terrorist acts. Afterwards, these terrorist acts grew into a big war. The military aggression and the war itself are a great part of terror.

We remember the military aggression by Iraq against Kuwait, as well as the blood shed and victims. This military aggression destroyed, one could say, the greatest part of the economy and other spheres of Kuwait`s life. At that time, we followed the events faced by your country in depression and sorrow. We were together with you, a brotherly and friendly to us nation. However, along with it, You got rid of that aggression with the help of the world community. A considerable amount of time has passed since those events. You have naturally restored your country, however, as You have mentioned, many problems still remain unresolved. Your citizens are still in the captivity in Iraq. We understand all this.

Now, imagine that we have not got rid of this aggression so far and our lands are under occupation. Everything has been destroyed in the occupied territories. Therefore, we do our utmost to liberate the occupied lands. Just imagine how much time and funds the return of our compatriots to their native hearths and revival of life in those lands will require and what kind of problems still lie ahead. Both the military aggression of Iraq against Kuwait and the Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan are based on the groundless territorial claims. Therefore, it is necessary that the entire world and all the countries close to each other, as we are, should henceforth do everything in their power and cooperate for the sake of observance of the international law standards and non-admission of their violation.

In recent years, this military aggression has at the same time led to the awful terrorist acts in various parts of the world. The monstrous terrorist acts committed on September 11 in the United States of America, in New-York and Washington became the terrible crime not only against the United States and American people, but also against the humanity and democracy as a whole.

We have always blamed and blame any form of terrorist acts committed in any country. Therefore, we evaluate the terrorist acts in the United States of America as the terrorist acts directed against the whole humanity and peace, including us and our country. We have stated and state today once again that for the prevention of terrorist acts and struggle against the forces committed the terrorist acts of 11 September in the United States of America, as well as their disclosure and punishment, we will actively participate in this matter together with the United States of America and all the countries willing to cooperate in this line.

At the same time, we also blame the statements of certain circles in the world that the terrorism is inherent only to Islamic countries and we express our protest against it.

You have mentioned it correctly and we agree with you that a terrorist has no nationality or religion. President of the United States of America, Mr. George Bush has also emphasized in his statement while visiting a Muslim mosque in the United States that he is against the accusation of all the Muslims of these terrorist acts. There are terrorists among the representatives of every nation and not once has the world history proved it.

Therefore, we have to unite all the efforts for joint struggle against terror and terrorists and especially, against the terror committed in the United States on September 11. At the same time, we should prevent the propagation of opinion of some circles that terror is allegedly inherent only to Islam. We have no doubt that after detention and disclosure of those who committed these monstrous terrorist acts, and I think it will certainly happen, it will be revealed that the matter is not Islam at all or the belonging to Islam, but some personal intrinsic motives of terrorists.

The recent years witness that terror poses hazard to all the countries. Kuwaiti and Azerbaijani people have come to such a conclusion after those terrible acts of terror that have been committed against them within recent years. Consequently, our common duty is the struggle against terrorism, prevention of terror, as well as detention and punishment of terrorists. Our opinion coincides as regards this. You and I simply voiced it once again and understood that we adhere to the same opinion.

I hope that your very rich country will solve all the problems arisen after Iraq`s aggression. I suppose that you, as a friendly and brotherly country, should do the utmost to rescue Azerbaijan from the Armenian aggression and Armenian terror.

I appreciate You once again. I ask to convey my friendly and brotherly regards to Emir of Kuwait, Mr. Jaber al-Sabah. I wish your people peace and order. Thank You.

(After that, head of the Kuwait-Azerbaijan parliamentary friendship group Jamal Hussein Fahat al-Omar presented a memorable gift to Heydar Aliyev).

Jamal Hussein Fahat al-Omar: I appreciate You once again. This is a model of our parliament`s building. You will inshallah see this building while visiting Kuwait. I hand it over to You as a gift.

Heydar Aliyev: It is a very beautiful building. And the work carried out within its walls is even more beautiful.

Jamal Hussein Fahat al-Omar: We express You our gratitude once again. We appreciate that You have spared us Your precious time.