Congratulation on the 22nd of July - Day of National Press - July 21, 1996

I heartily congratulate all the journalists and press workers on Day National Press of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The Azerbaijani press founded by Hasan bey Zardabi had a very rich and honorable road of development, always reflected the national and moral values, traditions, desires, and all areas of the difficult life of our people in its pages. Prominent thinkers, journalists, writers and satirists of our people gave impetus to the development and formation of national mentality and culture through the press.

A multifunctional press and information system has been created and a network of the most modern TV, radio, mass media and journalism have been developed in the republic.

Principles of democracy are firmly implemented in the field of press and information, as well as in other spheres of social and political life of Azerbaijan, which is in the process of building an independent, democratic and legal state. Freedom of thought, expression, political pluralism provided by the new Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan form the basis of the policy of Azerbaijani on press and media. As a result of this policy, currently 24 free television and radio companies, more than 500 magazines and newspapers, news agencies representing international, regional and national institutions which belong to different socio-political institutions, organizations and individuals, function in Azerbaijan.

Distinguished press workers!

I congratulate you on this momentous day once more; I wish you objectivity, integrity, professionalism and genuine citizenship in highlighting the events in our country and abroad, in commenting the democratic changes in Azerbaijan and in the international world.

Heydar Aliyev,
President of the Republic of Azerbaijan