To People`s Artist, producer Tofig Taghi-zade – February 7, 1994

Distinguished Tofig Taghi-zade!  

I congratulate you, one of the prominent, talented and efficient producers of Azerbaijan on your 75th anniversary.

«Uzag sahillerde» (On the Remote Coasts), «Yeddi oghul isterem» (I would like to have seven sons), «Gorush» (Meeting) movies included to the rich treasure of our national cinema art have won the deep sympathy of spectators. Your high professionalism, broad outlook and characteristic style have raised you to the ranks of the Azerbaijani culture and art. 

I wish you, the prominent art virtuoso of the people, good health and great successes in these magnificent days of your life.

Heydar Aliyev

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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