The speech of the President of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev at the official reception held by the oil Consortium of the USA in honor of the Azerbaijani President - New-York, October 24, 1995

Distinguished Mr. Congressman Greg Laflain, distinguished Mr. Collins, distinguished Mr. Curtis!

The people who have gathered here and received us are very honorable men, the representatives of the government of the USA, parliamentarians representing your country, and their employees. I thank you for the great respect and attention at this grand hotel, popular building, and well known place. And I convey you the best regards on the behalf of the Azerbaijani people which is in a long distance from the people of the USA, but is close in heart.

I came here to participate at the 50th anniversary of the UNO. The great event happened in the world history these days. After the World War Second and the victory over the Fascism in 1945, representatives of 51 states passed a resolution to set up UNO at San-Francisco.

It's known from history that the declaration was adopted in the USA in 1942. After the War this organization emerged just here, in the USA territory, and it is 50 years that it stands on the guard of peace and security.

No doubt that, the USA and its wise persons had a great role in the formation of this organization. The American nation, its wise persons had great roles at establishing the new organization fifty years ago for protecting the democracy, peace and security in the world as Gorge Washington who set up a democratic state nearly two hundred years ago. The UNO has worked hard, enlarged and grew during the fifty years. This organization now has 184 members while at first there were only 51. The heads of the 184 states now have gathered in New-York, in the territory of the USA to celebrate this historical event. Never in the history of mankind have so many leaders of governments and states, that is the heads of 184 states gathered together. The USA had a great role at celebrating the fifty anniversary of the UNO as well as its formation. The USA had a great role at organizing this ceremony so well.

We listened to the speech of the USA president Mr. Bill Clinton with great interest and attention at the opening of the ceremony. I approve Mr. Bill Clinton's speech and agree with his entire thesis.

Many countries have used the experience of the USA and it plays a great role in the cooperation of the states, countries, nations on the principals of democracy in introducing great experience in the sphere of democracy, human rights, political pluralism, free entrepreneurship, market economy.

All these won the sympathy of all nations over the world towards its state system, its life conditions and policy, including the population and citizens of Azerbaijan as well. Conveying the respect and goodwill of the nation of Azerbaijan to you I congratulate both you and your nation on the occasion of such numerous successes.

Azerbaijan is a state which gained its independence recently. We are on the road of democracy and intend to follow this road till the end. We want to establish democracy both in economy, socio-politic life, and in protecting the human rights, in other words, in all sphere of life. We broadly use your experience for achieving these goals, and the experience of the USA is very important for us.

We follow the road of free economy and have opened our doors for foreign investments. We are pleased with the arrival of the USA companies particularly. We singed big contract with the Consortium set up for developing the oil fields of Azerbaijan. Five of ten companies, including to this consortium, belongs to the USA. Their share in this contract is 47 per cent. Other oil companies of the USA, not included into the contract, also began cooperating with us. The USA has five companies in the consortium: ''AMOCO, Pennzoil, Unocal, Exxon, Mac Dermott. Besides, we began to cooperate with ''Occidental'' petroleum. I met the president of ''Mobil'' company yesterday, he also intents to start activities in Azerbaijan. ''Delta'' company, which cooperates with ""Uncoil'', also is included into our consortium. So, our relations with the USA expand. As you know, BP of Great Britain, ''Statoil'' of Norway, ''Turkish petroiuml'' of Turkey, ''Lukoil'' of Russia also enters the consortium. Thus, our consortium has become a large international consortium. But the majority of shares belong to the USA.

I am very much pleased for meeting with the heads of these companies. A year has passed since the signature of the contract, and I can say with great honor that its terms are being implemented fully. The early oil to be produced at the end of 1996, according the information of the consortium, the early oil will be produced just in time. We adopted a decision to construct two oil terminals. We celebrate the adoption of this decision as a historical event. We consider that it creates a very good base for our future works.

I held broad discussions with Mr. Bill Clinton on different issues today. I want to express my pleasure from the meeting today, because our conversation was very broad, interesting, and I consider it very important for the cooperation in future. Using this opportunity, I thank the president of the USA Mr. Bill Clinton for the attention to me, to the Azerbaijani nation, to the Republic of Azerbaijan. I sure you that I told it Mr. Bill Clinton, too, the friendly relations and cooperation between the USA and Azerbaijan will grow, strengthen, and improve day by day. We want it heartily, and try for it and you may be sure that I will do my best as the president of Azerbaijan for improving these relations.

We met the heads of states and governments in New- York and held fruitful negotiations with them. I think the meeting with the president of the USA was very particular, and highly appreciate it. I highly estimate the meeting with the Secretary of Energy of the USA Ms. Hazel O'Leary and members of the government of the USA, and representative of the USA at the UNO Ms. Albright and the talk with them.

Dear friends, I met the heads of the oil companies of the USA many times. But I highly appreciate the meeting today, thank you for your hospitality and kind attitude to Azerbaijan. The person leading the party here noted that Mr. Laflin also is here. I think that Mr. Laflin isn't only a congressman, but is equal to tens of congressmen.

You may be sure that our cooperation will not be temporary. Azerbaijan intends to establish permanent relations with the USA and follow this road. The achievements in economic relations serve a base for it. But this is the beginning of the activity. I consider that there are great opportunities for our cooperation and we will try to use it. I accept with great pleasure the statement on setting up the USA- Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce. We shall try this organization play a particular role in improving the economic relations.

Along with all these official expressions, I want to convey my great respect and esteem to the nation and government of the USA. Dear friends, you live in a great and happy country. Your happy life condition is both the source of experience and model for the nations all over the world. Every country tries to be as the USA .Azerbaijan also makes efforts to follow your road. I am sure that we'll work and you won't refuse your care and assistance. Our friendship will be eternal. We are faithful to our friendship. Future will show this.

Using from this opportunity I convey the respect and esteem of the nation of Azerbaijan

to the American nation and state. I wish good luck and happiness to the American nation. I wish the American nation successfully fulfill its tasks which history has laid on it. Completing my speech I raise my glass to the health of the American nation and Mr. Bill Clinton.

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