The Emblem of Baku city‎

Capital of Azerbaijan, the biggest trade, scientific and cultural centre in the Caucasus. 
View from the Mountain Park ‎
The Maiden Tower
  The National park  ‎
Gosha gala Gates (Twin Gates of the "Old City" fortress)‎  
The Shirvanshah's Palace  ‎  
The Juma mosque ‎
The Wedding Palace‎
Neftchiler (Oilmen) Avenue‎
The building of Baku Executive Power
The Azerbaijan state puppet show named after A.Shaig
Azerbaijan Street ‎
The Musical Academy of Baku‎
 The "Nizami" movie theatre
The Azerbaijan State Opera and Ballet Theatre‎
 The National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, the Presidium building‎
The Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society named after M.Magomayev
The Azerbaijan State National Drama Theatre‎
The Azerbaijan State Museum of Art ‎
Neftchiler (Oilmen) Avenue ‎
The Caspian Sea ‎
  Nizami Street ‎
The Old City - ancient part of Baku‎
The Old City ‎
View of the ancient city