To the Georgian community in Azerbaijan - Baku, June 19, 1999

Dear compatriots!

 I sincerely greet your assembly held in Baku  with the aim of  establishing  national- cultural organization of Georgians living in Azerbaijan, and wish successes  to the organization of Georgian community, which you are going to establish, in future activities.

Being the most  ancient  nations of Caucasus Azerbaijanians and Georgians  have  always been attached to each other by sincere friendship and good neighborly relations.

 Our  peoples have  lived for  thousand  years  in the same geographic area, and shared all unhappy  and happy fate of this land.

In the centruies-old history of the  Caucasus there are many glorious pages that  witnessed strong friendship  and cooperation of our nations. To develop the glorious traditions inherited from our precient ancestors  and pass them on to the next generation is our sacred duty .

At the end of the  twentieth  century, which  have been full of global political events, Azerbaijan and Georgia gained their independence, free and souvereign  Republics,  which are  the historical right of our people, pursue  domestic and foreign policy,  and represent people’s interests properly  in the  international arena.

Living at extremely responsible historical period Azerbaijani people of Georgia and Georgians living in Azerbaijan  properly implement  their duties in strengthening our state independence by taking an active part in social and political life of the country of which they are citizens.

Today, in the Republic of Azerbaijan,  which   confidently steps  with building  a democratic state, rights and freedoms of each citizen, even of national minorities, irrespective of language , religion and ethnicity , are ensured  in accordance with the international norms.

Georgians living in our  Republic enjoy  the  rights set fourth  in the Constitution,  and they are  equal citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan, too.

At the present  time Azerbaijan and Georgia, cooperating in social-political, economic,    scientific-cultural fields, demonstrate strategic partnership for prosperious future of our countries.

  There is no doubt that the role of  public  diplomacy  and friendly neighbourhood  relations between nations is essential.  I am  sure that  Georgian community in Azerbaijan  and  the national  cultural  organization that you have  founded will effectively contribute to  bringing our people together  and to our  relations based on very rich historical  roots.

Dear compatriots!

I express my wish of  happiness and prosperity to you, and wish you successes in  your goodwill activities for the state independence of the Republic of  Azerbaijan and for unbreakable friendship of Azerbaijani and Georgian people.

Heydar Aliyev,

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.