From the conversation of the Azerbaijan President Heydar Aliyev at the meeting with Ross Wilson, the US Ambassador to Azerbaijan - Presidential Palace, January 14, 2002

Ross Wilson: Thank you very much, Mr. President. I have had a nice rest. I have been in the rest for three and a half weeks. I have been in the United States of America, in Washington and met with officials of the United States of America, spoke with them about Azerbaijan. I think these conversations will be interesting for you. We will come back to it after some time.

Mr. President, thank you very much for receiving me just after my returning from the United States of America. I convey You and to the Azerbaijani people my best New Year wishes. At the same time, I want to send the best regards of the President of the United States of America Mr. Bush, Secretary of State Powell and Mr. Armitage.

Mr. President, last Wednesday I met with the President of the USA Mr. Bush. He shows great interest in Azerbaijan and also wants to continue the work with You and with the President of Armenia. He wishes, that the way of settlement of Garabagh problem be found till the end of this year. He is also interested with your health and communicated to you the best wishes.

The Secretary of State Powell told me that he intended to work with Azerbaijan in the future and all opportunities would be used after tragical events of September 11so that the terrorism was suppressed in any sphere and everywhere. He is also contemplated working together with Azerbaijan to carry the Mountainous Garabagh question to its conclusion.

I am very glad that I came back to Azerbaijan and I continue my work on their instruction. I hope that our cooperation in 2002 will be successful. I am sure that this cooperation will differ in quality from the previous one.

Mr. President, as You know, a promotion was reached in respect of amendment the 907. On Thursday the documents have already been put in order and now they are ready for President to sign.

I also want to tell you that in the forthcoming two months some official delegations of the United States of America will visit Azerbaijan. The main purpose of these visits consists in meetings with your officials, ministers to promote our work in corresponding spheres, and expand the cooperation. As you know, just because of 907th amendment this cooperation could not be carried out widely enough.

In 10 days, one group from the United States of America will arrive in Azerbaijan. This group will conduct exchange of views on cooperation with Azerbaijan in economic sphere and hold meetings. Afterwards, within 10-11 weeks a group which includes military experts of the United States of America, will carry out negotiations on military cooperation.

Mr. President, I would like to reiterate that very intensive and interesting year we will face under the leadership of the United States President Mr. Bush and your leadership. I am very happy to have returned to Azerbaijan and see you in the New Year again.

Heydar Aliyev: Thanks. Thank you for the given information. I am grateful for greetings sent me from the President Mr. Bush, Mr. Powell and Mr. Armitage. I’ll ask you to send them my regards and the best wishes. I hope that in 2002 there will be reach new successes in the development of their country.

I am glad that Mr. Bush showed interest to my health. I feel well. But I have heard that something was wrong with his throat when he ate biscuit. How is he now?

Ross Wilson: I have read about it in the newspaper in the morning.

Heydar Aliyev: I also have read about it an hour ago.

Ross Wilson: It is followed from the article that he lost consciousness in the twinkling of an eye, but now he feels well. But anyway, I will give him your anxiety.

Heydar Aliyev: I request you to do so. As I have heard about it an hour ago only.

I want to express my satisfaction in connection with your information about our work, to be carried out jointly in 2002. It is natural we must carry out detailed negotiations about it. I think we will carry out negotiations with you, with the representatives of your country. Today we are faithful to the statement with which I have delivered a speech after September 11. We are together with you, with the United States of America in one coalition, in one alliance and on our part, we will do our best. It is a global question. Not only the United States of America, but also other large countries, as well as ours, are engaged with it. But for us there is also another question, which probably does not carry global character on a global scale. But for us it has global character. This is Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, the Upper-Garabagh conflict.

I am very glad to your message that the President Mr. Bush is optimistic enough and he considers it as necessary to solve this question up to the end of this year. I am also optimistic. We want the settlement of this question most of all. But I would like that this optimism and these wishes of the President Mr. Bush would be put into practice by real deeds. Naturally, we -I mean the Azerbaijani and Armenian Presidents will continue to meet. But we are in need of help for the settlement of this question. I know that the problem should find equitable solution. We are also in favour of this. For that co-chairmen of the Minsk group and in particular the United States of America should double their active efforts. This is our main problem, the main task standing before us.

I consider that today after the 907 amendment is eliminated and appearance of new opportunities for our cooperation, we have to jointly settle this problem too. I think in a day or two the procedure connected with amendment 907must be finished. Really today both you and we consider the question is solved. But it is necessary to put the final signature. I think that it will be so. Once again I repeat it, and you more than once spoke and today have told about it, that it would open new opportunities for our cooperation. On our part, naturally we will execute the duties taken by to us for the realization of this cooperation.