Speech of Heydar Aliyev, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan at the reception held in honor of the President of Azerbaijan on behalf of the Board of Governors of \"Deutsche Bank\" - Düsseldorf, July 03, 1996

Dear Mister President!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I cordially greet you all and I express my satisfaction of meeting in \"Deutsche Bank\", one of the largest banks of the world. Today`s meeting is held not only with administration of \"Deutsche Bank,\" but also with heads of the large companies, concerns and firms of Germany. This meeting is considered the economic part of my visit here.

The purpose of my official visit to Germany consists of taking additional measures for consolidation, expansion and further development of these relationships. I have discussed the issues concerning inter-state relationships with Federal Chancellor, esteemed Mister Helmut Kohl, Federal President, esteemed Mister Roman Herzog and other representatives of the official circles of Germany. During these meeting we have opportunity to discuss the relationships between our countries and all spheres of these relationships, we stated, that we are of the same opinion on many issues. I am very pleased with these meetings and negotiations and I think that these meetings and negotiations raised the level of German-Azerbaijani relationships.

Economic problems and issues, related to development of economic relationships between our countries occupied a special place during our meetings and negotiations. I am very pleased that as a consequence of these negotiations I met with businessmen of Germany this morning and we had comprehensive negotiations. There were other negotiations. I met with heads of many companies and concerns in person, tête-à-tête. Finally, this evening we came here to Düsseldorf upon special invitation of \"Deutsche Bank.\"

The first result of our today`s meeting is that very important contracts were signed between German \"Deutsche Bank\" and National Bank and International Bank of Azerbaijan. I consider the achievement of these agreements as a sign of care and attention of financial centers of Germany, especially that of such an authoritative bank the \"Deutsche Bank\" to the financial and banking issues of Azerbaijan. At the same time, I consider all this as a result of achievements and measures in the economy and financial-banking system of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Signing of contract between \"Deutsche Bank,\" which is one of the largest banks of the world, and the banks of Azerbaijan displays that the banks of Azerbaijan has some respect world-wide. I am sure that these contracts will be implemented, the relationships between our banks and \"Deutsche Bank\" will develop further and all this will give an impetus to the development of economy of Azerbaijan.

I highly appreciate this event and I express my gratitude to the leaderships and the president of \"Deutsche Bank.\" Today, we witnessed once again the great interest of \"Deutsche Bank\" in the Republic of Azerbaijan and the economy of Azerbaijan. Esteemed Mister President gave in his speech comprehensive information about ancient history of Azerbaijan, the path covered in the industrial sphere in XIX century and distinguished events as well as actual life of Azerbaijan.

Two books on Azerbaijan were presented here by \"Deutsche Bank\" today. Perhaps, we ought to prepare these books ourselves. However, \"Deutsche Bank\" helped us much and on our place prepared these books of high importance on our country for presentation of our economy to the world and attraction of interest. The map of Azerbaijan was provided on the cover of the book, the map of South Caucasus and the railway passing from the Caspian Sea to Black Sea is provided perfectly inside the book. All this visually demonstrates the newly constructed Transcaucasian main line about which I told yesterday and today. Such a care, attention and interest makes me glad and I express you my special gratitude for this.

In his speech, mister President mentioned some perfect facts about the history of German-Azerbaijani relationships. These facts prove of close relationships existed between our countries and peoples since old times. Germans moved from Germany to Azerbaijan in the beginning of the XIX century found in our country their second homeland and established a beautiful life and business in Azerbaijan. They contributed much to the development of viticulture and wine-making in Azerbaijan, at the same time they did many works for the development of other fields of our economy. Functioning of German companies in Azerbaijan since the beginning of this century, affiliates established by \"Siemens,\" \"Mannesmann\" and brothers of Bekendorf, as well as functioning of other German representatives in our country displays the history of our relationships. All this is a sound basis for the development of cooperation between Germany and independent Republic of Azerbaijan.

I want you know that we highly appreciate this cooperation. We want to more large-scale works with Germany and we invite German businessmen and companies to Azerbaijan.

Today we are in Düsseldorf, one of the historical cities of Germany. While flying over Church of Cologne in our way from Bonn on the helicopter I had a good look at it. This is an imposing architectural monument. The German people had been constructing it from XV to XIX century, in other words as long as 400 years and it would remain as a monument in the course of millenniums. All this display how much the German people contributed to the world culture. The distinguished representatives of German people have many services in enrichment of world science and culture and development of world civilization. The works of genial writers – representatives of German people – Schiller, Heine, Goethe and many others are being read all over the world. I would like to say that in Azerbaijan their works are available in Azeri language. Great German composers Beethoven, Wagner, Mozart, Strauss and many others are known as favorite composers and musicians for all peoples of the world.

It is possible to speak a lot about German history and invaluable contributions of German people to the world civilizations. Present Germany that unified 5 years ago plays a very important role in the world life, economy, politics and international area, it has big services in the preservation of the peace and order in the world. Actually, Germany is one of the biggest countries of the world and it achieved high results in the economic sphere. Germany contributed a lot to the promotion of the democracy in the world. All this is a perfect experience and practice of other countries and for the newly independent Republic of Azerbaijan.

Large companies, financial centers and banks have played a special role in the development of Germany, and we comprehend well the special role of \"Deutsche Bank\" from this viewpoint. Therefore, today`s meeting with \"Deutsche Bank\" is very important for us and we consider that \"Deutsche Bank\" can contribute much to the development of German-Azerbaijani economic relationships.

I express once again gratitude for your hospitality, attention and respect and I assure you that we will permanently continue our cooperation with Germany and we will always address ourselves to \"Deutsche Bank\" for support and consultations in order to improve this cooperation, especially the economic one.

I ask you to raise your wineglasses in honor of German people, prosperity of the Federal Republic of Germany, in honor of \"Deutsche Bank,\" in honor of its leadership and president, in honor of future achievement of German-Azerbaijani cooperation and in you honor.
Thank you.