The Statement by Heydar Aliyev, the President of the Republicof Azerbaijanat the briefing held jointly with Henry Kissinger, the former US State Secretary at the Presidential Palace. January 8, 1999

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Members of the press!

As you may know, the well-known political figure of the United States of America and world, esteemed Mr. Henry Kissinger has arrived yesterday to Azerbaijan. Mr.Kissinger arrived upon my invitation, he is personal guest of the President of Azerbaijan. This is his first visit to our country and it bears a familiarization character.

Esteemed Mr. Kissinger has held numerous meetings yesterday and today. Finally at 6 p.m. he is with us. We held meetings, negotiations. A part of these negotiations were held at your presence. The main content and purpose of these negotiations were relationships between the United States and Azerbaijan and the further development of these connections. Our viewpoints during these negotiations coincided. We have determined once more for us that our viewpoints on development of American-Azerbaijani relationships are coinciding.

Of course, all vital problems were discussed during our negotiations. First of all, political, economic relationships between United States and Azerbaijan, the most difficult problem of our country – Armenian –Azerbaijan conflict, peaceful settlement of Daghlig Garabagh problem, 907th amendment accepted in 1992 in the US Congress against Azerbaijan, possibilities of its raising, situation in the Caucasian region and many other problems.

I am very contended with the results of our negotiations. I think that these negotiations, meetings were useful for Azerbaijan. I think that visit of Henry Kissinger, the outstanding state figure and politician well-known all over the world to Azerbaijan and our meetings and negotiations held with him will promote further the development of Americal-Azerbaijani relationships.

Dear Mr. Kissinger, I let have the floor to you.