Congratulation of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic Heydar Aliyev to the Azerbaijan people on the occasion of Ramadan holiday - December 15, 2001

Dear brothers and sisters!

I congratulate you with my heart on a holy holiday of Moslems of the world - Ramadan holiday.

Month of Ramadan, in which Islam was elected as religion for mankind and its holy book the Koran was sent down, is one of the blessed months which have rendered the big influence on history of spirituality of nations of the world. In this holy month of the Islam calling for the establishment of the peace, calmness, a brotherhood, Moslems show capacity to overcome in the name of a celebration of these humanistic principles any tests, privations. Our brothers and sisters who due to force of belief in their hearts have adequately overcome heavy tests, have the full right to arrange the big merriment celebration to share with each other feeling of pleasure and pride.

With restoration of the state independence of Azerbaijan our people has had an opportunity properly to use the rich national and religious values. It is already ten years that the Azerbaijan people freely mark the religious cults in blessed days of month of Ramadan, solemnly celebrate this holy holiday. Our Moslems who have executed their duty in days of test of month of Ramadan, have jolly time today, show close solidarity, expressing each other the respect and love, call to memory of their relatives who had left the life.

May Allah leave the soul of sons and the daughters of the Native land who made a martyr of themselves for freedom, independence and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, in this holy day I wish patience to families and relatives of our martyrs.

I send my congratulations and the kindest wishes to all our compatriots living outside the Azerbaijan Republic. In the name of strengthening independence of native Azerbaijan, full of restoration of its territorial integrity and in the name of a happy life of our people I call all of you for close cooperation and solidarity.

On the occasion of the first Ramadan holiday in a new millennium and a new century may the great God grant to you a sound health, happy mood, and the big successes in your activity on a way of progress of our country!

Happy holiday!